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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. Fra D
    I see, are the isine hooks the larger ones, they come in 2 sizes, and from what I can see the Groovy kit has the larger ones. Scan UK:, https://www.scan.co.uk/products/aud...ps-small-medium-and-large-plus-1-set-of-large
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  2. youngarthur
    Many thanks, I have just ordered some.
  3. HardstyleLoco96
    How do the M300 hold up in terms of sound quality compared the Isine 20, is it worth purchasing?
  4. Magick Man
    The M300s have no treble to speak of and honky upper mids, the bass and lower mids are quite good, though. You really NEED an EQ to make these sound right, but the good news is that they do take well to EQing and with some work they can sound about as good as the iSine 10s.
  5. HardstyleLoco96
    Is this using a amp or straight from a source? I also think the M300 will need a lot of burn in, the Audeze Isine 10 & 20 conlme burned in straight from the factory.... and other people say the mids and treble comd out after a good few hours, thankyou for your impressions though . Thats what impressed me most about the Isine 10, using my HTC 10 and Watson I barely touched the Eq and found the sound to be nicely balanced actualy. Mids were no where near in the back ground or recessed, I dislike recessed mids. This is how I had the eq set. Screenshot_20171013-153008.png
  6. youngarthur
    My 77 year old ears, find very little difference between the iSINE 20, and the M300. I would say that the iSine has a greater space between the instruments.and certainly had an easier fit, due to the angle of the nozzle. IF I was advising anyone, I would say get the M300, and save yourself some money, as with a bit of EQing, and fiddling around with the fit, you can just about get to the iSINE,BUT, just my opinion, and my very old ears.
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  7. timb5881
    To bad no one makes a pliable ear hook. If you could bend it to get a comfortable fit would be great. Even a new connection wire with a built in pliable ear hook would be nice.
  8. youngarthur
    It has already been suggested, to break the ear clip, at its junction.then using neoprene/plastic/heat shrink, place memory wire,( Available eBay etc.) inside tubing, heat shrink tubing to remain part of ear clip. I will be trying this later.
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  9. jmotyka
    I ordered mine they will be here next week!! I'm excited!

    Edit and I ordered comply foam tips too.
  10. Devodonaldson
    Don't know if I just have perfectly shaped ears or what , but I had no issue getting a good seal with either the S silicone tips or the thin memory foam tips. Also, the in ear hangers work fine for me. Put on some D'Angelo straight out of the box just for a quick listen. Bass solid, mids decent treble there. I'm not a treble fan so I was fine with the level straight out of the box. Biggest thing I notice right off the bat, headstage is SO much better than any IEM I've listened to. These in ear headphones definitely bring the soundstage closer to that of full size headphones. They are burning in right now, and will let them for the next couple hours. Will be using them exclusively tonight instead of my go to Audioquest Nightowl's. Already DEFINITELY going to be keeping them. $160 well spent on audio gear
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  11. tgx78
    I burned mine for 200 hours. Minimal change noticed. Sound signature still very mid tilted (honky). Bass is very nice. Treble inoffensive.
  12. flameas
    Is there anyway to get them in Europe? My country (Estonia) is not listed under those countries where they ship :/
  13. Fra D
    There are services that use a USA address and reship to you.

    Dutch audeze importer stopped, no replacement earhooks available here, and no reply so far to the monoprice service ticket I made 18 days back.
  14. Schwibbles
    Send them a message. They say to send them a message if you don't get an RMA reply in 3 business days. They didn't respond to my RMA request so I emailed them. Once I did, they took care of everything right away.
  15. Devodonaldson
    Did you break both the black and the clear? My black broke,. Ut the clear seem far more durable. I ordered the Audeze Groove kit but the hangers are too tall, and though the tips fit well, the grooves actually irritate my ears. Went back to the stock tips, and the medium size, and can now wear for long periods of time. No issue with lows or mids. I'm treble sensitive, and prefwr a quieter treble, but man, if these don't sound excellent. My absolute go-to portable, which makes me kind of sad seeing as I paid for my V-Moda CF2W, which I like a lot, but am loving the m300 and I'm a Can user.
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