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Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Jan 12, 2018.
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  1. Shroomalistic
    i know right, ive been bouncing between my m1060c, argons and hd6xx's and man everytime i put on my m1060c's, im blown away. Running them on my emotiva and my god the base. Not argon base but good solid clean base, like almost argon status base but with the hd6xx clarity. They are by far my favorite headphones. To me they have the best of everything. Im not a huge rap fan but my buddy told me to listen to 21 savage A Lot. Man the base is ridiculous. and the classic song thats sampled on it, just wow.
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  2. stimuz
    Still my favorite too. I still pull out the he560 once in a while, but HD 650 has not left my drawer in months. I got a Aiva coming soon but I have a feeling I'll be disappointed.
  3. alexfry
    Getting some very weird behaviour with my M1060Cs.

    Right hand side driver cuts out.

    I’ve swapped the cable left to right, so it’s not the cable.

    If I start up from scratch, the right hand side driver works. If I press on the earcup, or shake my head around a little bit, it cuts out.

    But after that point, if I keep my head absolutely still, then pull the amp end of the cable out, the replug, it’s comes back on.

    I had a quick peek inside, no loose solder joints.

    I’m not sure what to make of it. Anyone else seen something similar?
  4. stimuz
    Yep, happened to me after a few drops. RMA it. They sent me a new one with the ligher cups, less headband issues and better isolation, probably because of the headband.
  5. SolaVirtus
    I had a similar issue with my refurbed unit. Monoprice sent me a brand new one with no issues at no extra cost.
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  6. alexfry
    Right, I guess I’ll just do that then.

    I was hoping to not waste the jet fuel to send it back across the pacific for the sake of a loose connector, but it sounds like it’s more serious than that.
  7. stimuz
    That's kind of what it is but I didn't wanna mess with it since it looks like they used some sort of glue all over the connectors. Might as well take advantage of RMAing on their dime instead of potentially breaking and voiding warranty.
  8. Gunz.jones
  9. AJZ0
    I share your impression, having recently got a Argon-like modified T50RP and regularly switching between the M1060C, T50RP and HE400i. All three have different quality bass, but the right track at the right volume on the M1060C is a cathedral to the T50RP's cavern and HE400i's hall.
  10. Gunz.jones
    So, I'm now having intermittent issues with the right driver going out. I contacted Monoprice and they were a lot less than helpful. They refuse to setup an RMA since I don't have the original order information. I tried explaining that I bought these from another owner and all that. They directed me to eBay for help. Well, that's no help at all because it's 60 days and just started the issue this morning. I can't find anywhere to just order parts for these, I am guessing since I'm not a dealer myself. This is really depressing since I like the sound of these. Just got some thx00 in time for this to happen. Anyone have any idea on getting this taken care of or had luck with replacement parts?
  11. wizzman121
    I have the same three headphones, though I am still waiting for my Argons to be shipped out. I absolutely love my 1060s but occasionally I want a little extra sub bass as I listen to alot of electronic music. How do you like the Argons compared to the 1060s?
  12. Shroomalistic
    I would say they compliment each other very well. The argons have more imaging and base. My m1060c kinda slam you with all the sounds perfectly.
  13. jj69
    Still having no luck finding someone to 3D print a pair of the basic open back grills for the 1060C for me. I had a pair printed at the local public library, but there was too much excess material left in the sunken screw holes. As a result, the screws won't sink in far enough to make proper contact.

    If someone knows a good source for printing these, or if you're willing to print a pair for me, please PM. I'm happy to pay reasonable costs of material, postage, etc.
  14. lgcubana
    Very easy fix. Get an x acto knife, with a No. 11 blade. A couple of even twirls in each hole will create the proper counter sink for the screws.
  15. jj69
    Willing to give this a shot, but I need a better description. I can buy the knife, but exactly what do I do?
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