Monitor Comparison !HELP!
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Apr 2, 2008
Im currently looking at two panels but they both seem like cheap TN LCD monitors... im looking at the...

Samsung 2494SW
Samsung 2343BWX

all i can see different is that one is an inch bigger and costs $20 more for that one inch... other then that it looks to me they are both very similar, im leaning towards the 2494SW simply for the 1920*1080 native resolution since the 2343BWX has an oddball one 2048*1152... if i set the 2343BWX to 1920*1080 would it be as sharp as if it were set to the native?

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I have the 2343BWX, BEST and I do mean BEST monitor I have had in my life. I went from having a dual monitor setup to just using this monitor(mind you I am thinking about adding a second again).Yes you are right it is an oddball resolution so finding wallpapers that look exactly right without recropping is hard. I am on my netbook in my living room ATM but before I go to bed tonight I will set my monitor to 1920x1080 and check out the sharpness for you. Also, if your eyes can take it, extra resolution never hurts, example being I am able to have two full sized word documents open up next to each other. As for you saying they are cheap TN panels, yes they are, but unless your doing professional photography or graphic design, do you really care if your red is not truly red and is only 95% red? For the money I paid 189.99 after rebate, I could not be happier with my purchase. To sum up it is crisp, it is bright, and it is an all around great monitor(no ghosting in games so far). One last note, you will see a lot of people bitching about the stand in reviews. Unless you are a bitch, the stand is fine, it just takes a little force to get in the monitor and a little force to get tilt, the stand itself is NOT broken.

Sorry if that was a bit wordy
tl;dr version I have the 2343BWX and I LOVE IT

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