Mojo hissing/buzzing when fully charged?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drummerdimitri, Jun 10, 2018.
  1. drummerdimitri
    I tried High powered chargers with 2.4A, charging from laptop, power banks etc but the noise persists and It is making it hard for me to use my Mojo as a desktop DAC in line out mode to my powered monitors.

    Don't want to have to keep unplugging the cable when it is fully charged and re-plugging it in when it's empty there must be a better way otherwise will have to return the unit and get another DAC.

    Does anyone have a solution?
  2. KaiFi
    The Mojo doesn't really work well with the power plugged in all the time; it's not the best desktop DAC. I found that the battery would drain even when I had the charger plugged in all the time (i.e. it would start charging when I turned it off, even if it was fully charged before). I heard the buzzing/hissing sound inconsistently. Sometimes it was there, sometimes it wasn't. Didn't seem to matter what cable I used or how I charged it.

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