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Modi 2 vs. Modi 3 - Do the differences really matter to the Layman?

  1. TyTB
    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to find a DAC to allow my father to play music on his sound system directly from his computer, to save him the step of needing to burn CD's and play off that. My research has narrowed my selection to:

    Massdrop's Grace Design DAC (Not the m9xx DAC/amp)
    Massdrop's O-DAC
    Schiit's Modi 2
    Schiit's Modi 3

    Now, I sent an email to Schiit, asking them for an honest opinion of if they think the Modi 3 is really worth the extra money vs the Modi 2, given that I'm not at all an audiophile, but I got an expectedly-markety response... no real honesty.

    So, I'd like some third-party opinions.

    Here's my original email to Schiit, explaining my situation:

    Hi there. I'm looking to pick up a Modi DAC as a Christmas gift for my father. He has a nice home audio setup (2.1), with some tower speakers, a large woofer, and an enthusiast Yamaha receiver (HTR-5960). The thing is, his receiver is rather old, and has no digital audio inputs whatsoever. Thus, to play music, he burns it to CD, and then uses a 6-CD changer to play off the receiver.

    I would like to shorten this process for him and eliminate the need to burn CD's by allowing him to play directly from his desktop computer to his Yamaha receiver, hence, the Modi.

    The thing is, I cannot suss out what the difference is between the Modi 2 and 3, in layman's terms. Yes, the Modi 3 has more connectivity, but all we're needing is USB to RCA, and both the Modi 2 and 3 are asynchronous. My dad and I definitely enjoy quality audio, and we have invested as such, with his whole system being around $3000, but we are definitely not audiophiles, and don't really believe we'll be able to hear the subtle (if not completely imperceptible) differences between certain technologies. The fact that "The Modi 3 is also the best delta-sigma Modi we’ve ever made." is the only point of contension, I just can't tell if the everyday listener could tell the difference. We're by no means audiophiles, but we do appreciate good, clean sound.

    Given that the Modi 2 is still available, and at 40 dollars off, I'd like to know what is meaningfully different in the Modi 3, to the average, non-nutjob audiophile, who just wants good music.

    Tl;Dr: For non-audiophile purposes, only ever using USB to RCA connectivity, should I spend 99 on the Modi 3, or 59 on the Modi 2, Or get a different Sub-$100 DAC altogether?

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance everyone.

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