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Modern/progressive bluegrass band recommendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by kmcdonou, Jul 21, 2005.
  1. kmcdonou
    I am looking for some modern bluegrass bands whose songs are creative, musicians are technically excellent, and the sound is well engineered with a modern feel to it. Two groups that I have which I feel represent some if not all of these traits are Alison Krauss and Union Station and Tim O'Brien.

    Does anyone have any other groups/albums to recommend?
  2. blessingx Contributor
    Steve Earle & the Del McCoury Band's The Mountain is a must.

    Course there's always Gillian Welch's Time (The Revelator)

    Also it's not Bluegrass, but if you like Alison Krauss, take a hard look at Kate Rusby and the band Hem. Maybe Whiskeytown.
  3. kmcdonou
    Blessingx, I went to Allmusic.com and checked out your recommendations. The Steve Earle and Del McCoury album sounds great. Also, your non bluegrass recs are also very interesting. I think I will need to buy one from each of them.
  4. blessingx Contributor
    Cool. If you pick them up, let us know what you think. Ryan Adam's old band Whiskeytown is likely best to work backward. Pneumonia and his first solo album Heartbreaker are very good (especially for cross country driving [​IMG]). Hem is the best Brooklyn country band I know. Critics loved Rabbit Songs and hated Eveningland. Put them on shuffle and tell me the difference. You can hear some of it here. Certainly some of it drifts into Bluegrass. Kate Rusby (along with maybe Sufjan Stevens) were the big finds for me in the last couple years. Little Lights, 10, and Underneath the Stars are all fantastic.
  5. rickfri Contributor
    Nickel Creek - the poster child for progressive bluegrass
    Rhonda Vincent - good stuff
    Iron Horse - have done albums of Metallica and Black Sabbath covers done bluegrass style
  6. Masonjar

    A Bluegrass band, very traditional sounding, but with somewhat of a punk attitude about them. Their debut DELUSIONS OF BANJER is one of my favorite records of the 90's. They play lots of styles in addition to bluegrass, but mostly bluegrass. Definately check them out.

  7. kampfy
    This is probably not at all what you're looking for, but I'll go ahead and throw it out there anyway. Chris Crisci of The Appleseed Cast has a side band called the Old Canes which has definite folk / bluegrass influences, though I'm not sure how readily I would call it folk or bluegrass. Regardless, it's one of my favorite albums of last year.
  8. PATB Contributor
  9. mojoman
    Here are a few of my favorites and some cd recommendations:

    Mark O'Connor - The New Nashville Cats
    New Grass Revival - Commonwealth
    Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Tales From the Acoustic Planet
    Jerry Douglas (Dobro player for Union Station) - Slide Rule
    Hot Rize - Radio Boogie
    Tony Trischka - Banjoland
    Psychograss - Psychograss
  10. socrates63 Contributor
    I never heard Alison Krauss's music until just yesterday after reading this thread. Awesome stuff!

    Thanks for all the recommendations. Looks like I have some new music to seek out.
  11. 3DCadman
    I'll 2nd the Nickel Creek nomination. They're one of my favorite bands and I don't even really like bluegrass.

    They are amazing young musicians for sure. Their 1st and 2nd albums are both available in hybrid SACD too & sound wonderful.
  12. answerguru
    Came across this older thread...but if you're into modern, technically excellent bluegrass:
    Infamous Stringdusters
    Greensky Bluegrass
    Lil Smokies
    Crooked Still
    Sarah Jarosz
    Chatham County Line
    and a related band, not bluegrass, but bluegrass inspired, and truly great music:

    Railroad Earth
    Enjoy!    Curious if you end up listening to or liking any of these bands...
  13. dhmcclain1

    I would second Whiskeytown. More country/folk maybe than bluegrass. And holy crap! Kate Rusby! How have I never heard her before? Went to good old YouTube and checked her out.
    Incredible. I love her voice. Makes me wonder who else I am missing out on?
    Thanks blessingx.

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