Modding Advice Needed for SF Pryma 01 Headphones - Disassembly Pics Inside!

  1. faultfracture
    I bought a used pair of these headphones from the famed 'Sonus Faber,' apparently they're a amazing high end Italian loudspeaker manufacturer but I had never heard of them [​IMG]

    Anyway, the headphones are WAY too warm sounding and the presence region is really scooped out. To my ears there's so much missing treble I can't keep listening to them so I'd like to mod them, anyone have advice based on the pictures of the internals of how they MAY react to some mods here? Any ideas on what I could try? What's not easy to see in the pictures are the 8 drilled ports (yes... 8) from outside air to the back of the driver at the top of the cup. Any advice on what I could try would be appreciated! Thanks!

    Link to a excellent review of the headphone with measurements:

    The Absolute Sounds

    Link to my photos of the internals:

  2. pbui44
    The driver pattern and ear cup setup are very remininscent of the Denon D1001, and one popular mod from the Denon D2000 was using dynamat on the ear cups to reduce bass vibrations and increase overall clarity. You could use stick dynamat on the interior surfaces of the ear cups and choose whether or not to keep the fabric behind the drivers.

    The fabric reminds me of when I added the Fitz mods to my ATH-W5000 that did not require soldering or opening the drivers. I took out the fabric that surrounded the driver cylinders and the mid extensions were gone, so I put them back.

    Here is a link for a 18"x32"x0.0067" sheet of dynamat:
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  3. pbui44

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