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Modded WM1Z (Music Sanctuary K-Mod)

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  1. audiotherapist
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
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    Putting a modded WM1Z for sale too. The modification includes the below mods:

    1) 1960 10-wire mod
    2) single capacitator mod added to each side of the balanced out
    3) battery wire changed to 1960
    4) new battery installed to improve power output
    5) Telos sticker
    6) Copper tape active shielding of selected caps within the player, and foll copper tape + passive shielding of back plate

    Original pricing as follows
    1) WM1Z: 3200
    2) K mod Premium Plus: 760 https://music-sanctuary.com/collections/services/products/1960s-mod-wm1-zx300
    3) Telos sticker: : 330 (ALL components have both black and red sticker)
    4) battery mod: 150

    Total cost: 4400USD. Selling at 2.6kUSD paypal and shipping inclusive. That’s 40% off for a player that easily punches above any flagship released this year.

    I'll be frank, in that I'm basing my price off the most recent MS modded Wm1Z which is Flinkenick's sale. This player has however, a much more extensive amount of mod invested into it. I frankly hate parting with it, but I've sort of found another interest, and hence it makes little sense holding onto it when the last time I touched the player was more than a month ago.

    As a result of the changes, the best way to describe it as a player that still outperforms any other player on the market. It retains the bodied signature of the Sony players that we all love, yet has the transparency and resolution of any modern day player introduced within the year. The addition of the capacitor adds an increased texture to the bass layer, giving it more depth, while the shielding increases the blackness allowing each note to have an increased definition, or 'pop' from the background. Paired with a competent ciem/head phone, its an experience in and of itself.

    I'm selling the player for $2500USD, in light of the additional mods and effort placed into it. This price includes the paypal fees and shipping (fedEx). If you think its poorly priced, here's a link to another recent sales thread where the player was sold pretty quickly https://www.head-fi.org/threads/sold.888043/ .

    Comes with the original box and accessories.
    1) charging/data transfer wire
    2) Sony black flip case
    3) Original box

    Frankly I never thought that the day I would sell my modded Wm1Z would come. But it occurred to me that this player may better serve another audiophile who will use it more. So pls, as Flinkenick said, refrain from lowball offers will ya?
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
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  2. Carmantom
  3. linux4ever

    How many hours of usage on the player?

  4. audiotherapist
    at least 500 to hit the capacitor recommended burn in time. But the current battery has had less than 200 hours on it, so its a fairly fresh battery by modern day battery standards.
  5. tkmt
    Can I get support for repair or battery exchange even if the owner changes?
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  6. audiotherapist
    You can send it back to MS for the battery changes, as they offer a battery-change service as listed on their site.

    As for repair services, it really depends on the extent of the damage. Sony does list all their parts for consumer purchase, and if it is within MS's ability to service they might help you with the repairs of a K-modded player. However it will probably come with a repair fee since these parts arent free or cheap, and to diagnose and fix the issue will take time and effort.
  7. audiotherapist
    Bump for the weekend
  8. Sylvestyeo
  9. audiotherapist
  10. audiotherapist
  11. audiotherapist
    Price slightly reduced for the weekend :)
  12. audiotherapist
    Bumps to clear quickly for other purchases.
    Hifi is expensive.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  13. quodjo105
  14. tkmt
    Is it still for sale?

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