Mod to cheap noisy USB DAC / Amp

  1. Mellowship
    Had this little piece of sh... garbage for a couple of years. It's a 15 Euros PCM2706+CS4344 DAC with dual paralel Philips TDA1308 amp section. Noisy as hell, picks up all interference from computer, nothing to write home about... except for the amp section, good old school Philips TDA series which are not that bad.
    But as a DAC, I use my FiiO x3II with Foobar2000 and ASIO DSD. Great sounding combo. I am also building a headphone amplifier based on the Grado RA1.
    Meanhile I got the FiiO docking station, which I find rather handy and good looking. It has a line out and the USB interface also allows to use the DAC function. While the RA1 amp isn't ready, I really needed something to connect the docking station to, while keeping the desk tidy.
    So... I remebdered to use the old piece of crap of a DAC and a panel 3.5 socket and made a 5v powered amp (the power comes from a charger. It's so simple to do, that I decided to share the process with you folks, should you have some of this old noisy DAC-AMPs hanging around.

    1) drill a hole in the back plate for the 3.5 socket (RCA sockets maybe also fit in the back plate...)
    2) get some wire and solder it to the input solder joints of the potentiometer (L,R) and to the pot ground joints.
    3) pass the wire though the mounting holes to the top of the pcb.
    4) test for left and right before soldering them to the 3.5 socket (I trusted in a schematic of a similar pot and turned out the channels were inverted on my pot... had to redo the soldering...)
    5) fit it all in place and close the box
    6) get a wall charger with USB and use it as a power source for the device
    7) have fun...

    As for the sound... not bad at all! At least no noise...

    IMG_20171025_171248.jpg IMG_20171025_173735.jpg
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