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mod: Monoporice 8323

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by armaegis, May 17, 2012.
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  1. Phoenix42
    I've seen elsewhere that someone has modded these by drilling into the housings.

    Has anyone tried that mod, plus these mods with the acoustic deadening?
  2. Armaegis
    Nope, the only headphones I've drilled into have been the Beyer COP (increased bass) and V-Moda LP (don't remember what that did to the sound).
  3. smy1
    Any mods for the 8323 that are simple?
  4. Armaegis
    Slap on new pads, throw felt/cotton/an old sock into the cups. Done!
  5. mektarus Contributor
    Can you elaborate on this please? Thanks.
  6. Armaegis
    Um... pretty much exactly what I said. Get some new pads (Shure 840 are popular and can be had for $15-20) and toss some kind of filler material in the cup. Done!
  7. 93EXCivic

    Yeah this. I used angled Brainwavz pads as I found it improved the soundstage a little as well plus polyfill in the cup.
    I'd recommend grabbing Monoprice's mobile cable as well as it is less microphonic and much nicer feeling then the stock cables. https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=102&cp_id=10218&cs_id=1021816&p_id=9764&seq=1&format=2
  8. pboser
    I searched but couldn't find this issue about the 8323 - when I wear them they creak every time I move my head! Very distracting! Any suggestions? It's not related to the pads, but it's the plastic parts and their joints, I think.
  9. Armaegis
    Unfortunately it's not something with an easy solution, since lubrication is messy.
  10. RabbitEars
    Great thread!
    I was wondering what thickness of acoustic foam did you use for the 8323 headphones?
    Is it 1/2"?



  11. Armaegis
    It definitely wasn't that thick... I think more like 5/16"
  12. LaughMoreDaily
    Thanks for the inspiration and the pretty headphones for the world to see!
  13. Dawnrazor
    Well i modded mine and made them balanced.

    Bought 2 pairs to use just the cups with the connections. So i have a headband and 2 cups left over.

    Dynmatted the cups and on one i ended up snapping the wire. So i rewired both and because the circuit board was incredibly small i changed out the connectors for 2.5mm connectors.

    Threw in some cotton and two sets of brainwaves pads.

    Pretty amazing and I am really happy. Only thing i need to do is tone the treble a bit as its just a touch sibilant. Though some might not thinks its bad at all on the treble. CA00CCAE-44DF-4CA7-818C-86FE8477C454.jpeg E854955F-E44C-4885-839E-E04FCEE84B30.jpeg 357FB0C7-25FD-4AF8-99C4-0C0F4D6E3098.jpeg
  14. Dawnrazor
    Went back to the stock pads and man its damn near perfect . Fixed the treble and increased the bass. Only think wrong now is that its not comfortable :frowning2:

    Amazing that these can sound soooo fricken good. Been listening for hours and besides the physical fit, the sound is sooo smooth and not fatiguing. Amazing for such a cheap can.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  15. Armaegis
    Nicely done. Is that solid core wiring on the inside? Looks rather fancy for such a humble headphone.
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