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Mod House Audio Customer Service

  1. jordannn15
    I emailed them once back in February of this year to ask a question before I placed my order. After about a week with no response, I went ahead and ordered the Argon Mk3 anyway because of the reviews talking about the sound signature of the headphones and people saying how nice and helpful the guy who makes them was.

    When I ordered, the lead time said 8-9 weeks. This is the 9th week since I placed my order, so I emailed again at least a couple of days ago to check in and see if I could get an update on the headphones and see if he was on track to ship out this week. Again I have not gotten any kind of response and I am just getting a bit worried/frustrated that I’ve waited this long and can’t get a response even after a made a $300 purchase.

    I understand he is busy but is there a better way to get a reply from him? Have others had the same experience? Is the shipping usually on time with what the website says the lead time is? Some reassurance would be great right now lol. Thanks!
  2. jordannn15

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