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Aug 14, 2015
First of all, thank you to anyone willing to offer their advice and/or recommendations. I am no audiophile and generally pretty ignorant on how all of this stuff works, so please excuse any dumb questions.
I listen to most of my music through a computer at work, or my iPhone 6+. I would like to improve my listening experience, and have bought some good, but not super expensive headphones, before and just not noticed much of a difference. So my hearing either is not that good, or the quality of my music files/what was driving the headphones was not enough to make the most of them.
With that in mind, I've been looking at the Blue MOFI headphones with the built in amp, or a combination of good headphones likes Audio-Technica's ATH-m50xBL combined with a portable amp.
Can anyone compare/contrast the benefits? Any recommendations on a combination of products that would keep me below the $400 range?
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Yamaha HPH MT220 definitely doesn't need an amp and is great with an iPhone. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 doesn't need an amp either, and has more bass than the Yamaha but I would rate the Yamaha mids and soundstage slightly better than the Momentum. 
Sennheiser Urbanite has a bit more bass than the Momentum but less in the mids and the soundstage is not as good. The Urbanite is On Ear.. Urbanite XL is full sized but may need an amp. 
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Which headphones did you try before? What did you like/not like about their bass to mids to treble sound signature?

If you can share that info, and other head-fiers have heard those headphones, they can help you to better pick a headphone to suit you.

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