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MMCX connector repair on SE846

  1. legokangpalla
    So this is a part rant and part cry for help.
    One of my earpiece was jammed with the connector wire and when I disconnected it, the pin in MMCX on the earpiece broke off and got stuck to the wire.

    For comparison

    I think this is not a serious damage and when I asked Shure Asia to help me get the repair done. They redirected me to a Korean reseller: Sama Sound. Apparently they do not offer repair and are willing to sell me another earpiece for MEASLY 450USD.

    Then I asked Shure Asia again if they can help me get it repaired instead of just thrashing it. Their reply:

    Hi John,

    The earpiece with broken connector is irreparable. Please contact Sama for a replacement earpiece.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    I mean is it normal to just throw away perfectly working drivers because...their connector broke? I understand I will have to pay for the repairs since its past the warranty period but still paying full price(I think it's more than that as you can grab one for 800USD brand new with all the accessories.) seems like a really hostile way to treat a customer.

    In fact, there is this really angry post by another Korean, who managed to find MMCX(apparently these things break a lot) replacement on eleparts and repaired it himself. I doubt I can do this, but I think Shure needs to really reconsider their repair services.


    If anyone who know of a 3rd party repair service that can fix a broken MMCX connector, I'd love to know.
  2. legokangpalla
    Apparently GrandTech does Shure repairs.
    GrandTech Systems Pte Ltd
    10 Ubi Cresent #05-28 Ubi TechPark
    Lobby B, Singapore 408564

    Anyone who had experience with them directly?
  3. Meikelathome
    Have the same defect, did you get it repaired somewhere?
  4. legokangpalla
    I posted in a forum in Korea and they recommended a semi-pro DIYer to fix it. I paid around 50$ for the repair. You can contact him in Naver "cafe"(forum-ish thingy). https://m.blog.naver.com/PostList.nhn?blogId=gevab80

    Or I can contact him for you if you don't mind paying the international postage.
    Otherwise, your only only options are a) finding a local DIYer, b) paying the absurd sum to Shure to get it repaired.
  5. Meikelathome
    I'm currently in Taipeh and will have a look to JM-Plus this weekend, maybe they know local repair contact.
    In 6 Weeks i plan goto Singapore, thats why I was interestet in the shure repaishop you mentioned before.
    Or maybe at Jaben, they know some one.
    Thanks for your reply, maybe i come back to your offer.
  6. jleewachter
    Gotta love that Shure build quality & those 'awesome' mmcx connectors.

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