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Mixcder ShareMe Wireless Headphones Review

  1. Jupit3r
    The Good
    The ShareMe function allows users to share music and other audios with two sets of headphones.
    Great battery life
    The Bad
    The Mixcder ShareMe are no match for many similarly-priced headphones in terms of sound quality.
    The build quality of these headphones is not very nice.
    Mixcder is known for making affordable but high-quality wireless headphones and iems. Many of their products, including the Mixcder Basso Active Noise Cancelling in ear monitors, and the MSH169 computer speakers, enjoyed a lot of positive feedback from customers.
    The very new Mixcder ShareMe are no ordinary wireless headphones. Not only do they offer features such as Bluetooth 4.1, 40mm ultra-large dynamic drivers and a noise cancelling mic, they also have this unique feature called ShareMe function, which allows two users to share the same audio source wirelessly with two units of ShareMe headphones.
    Retail package
    Inside the simple packaging box, you will find one unit of Mixcder ShareMe over-ear headphones, a straight aux cable, and a quick-start guide. I personally got two units of these headphones because that’s the only way I can test the ShareMe function.
    Design and build
    The ShareMe headphones come with two color options: black and white. The black model has included silver and red, while the white model has included blue and red.
    I personally find the designs of those headphones unattractive, not that they are ugly, but they look a little too plasticky for my taste. There are definitely some borrowed elements from popular headphones such as the Bose SoundTrue, the Beats Solo and the Ausdom ANC 7, but the plastic used on the Mixcder ShareMe looks pretty cheap, and definitely not as premium as the ABS material we normally see on high-end headsets, the fake leather on the headbands and the ear cushions also prevents those headphones from feeling expensive.
    The good news is, the Mixcder ShareMe can be folded, making them very easy to carry around.
    The build quality of these headphones is average among headphones priced under $50, I’ve definitely seen superior quality in many other headphones from Mixcder. The Ausdom M05, remain as the best in terms of build.
    Setting things up
    Paring two sets of ShareMe headphones is extremely easy. Press and hold the power button on both sets until the LEDs on them flash in red and blue, meaning they are now in pairing mode. Seconds later the LED on one set becomes static, but the other still flashes. Now you just need to enable Bluetooth function on your source, be it your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and search for the devices nearby, and you will find ShareMe 7 on your list. Tap to pair, and you are ready to go.
    The sounds coming from the ear cups of those two sets of headphones are perfectly in sync. As cool as the ShareMe function is, it isn’t really invented by Mixcder. I actually experienced a similar functionality with Bang & Olufsen’s wireless speakers, although B&O gave it a different name.
    Comfort and Isolation
    Choosing cheap plastic as the dominant material may have prevented those headphones from winning beauty contests, but the Mixcder ShareMe are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear because of this. The cups can completely cover my normal size ears, even wearing them for a long period of time won’t cause any discomfort.
    Although the Mixcder ShareMe headphones don’t have active noise cancelling, they can still passively block out 90% of the sound in the background, thanks to the tight seal of those ear cups.
    For the price, the Mixcder ShareMe headphones don’t have many weaknesses, but unfortunately, sound quality is one of them. I listened to many tracks of different genres on the ShareMe and my Ausdom M05 wireless headphones, and I have to say that the Ausdom bettered the ShareMe in almost every aspect: the bass is deeper, the mids and highs are clearer, and there are a lot more details. Like average Bluetooth headphones and speakers, the ShareMe headphones can only handle so many frequencies at once, and they started to lose some definition when being pushed too hard with complicated tracks such as hip hop and electronic dance music.
    With that said, the Mixcder ShareMe’s sound quality isn’t really bad, in fact it is still a lot better than the sound quality of your average computer speakers and those 10-dollar headphones you get from a PC accessory store. The ShareMe wireless headphones offer enough volume and bass for you to enjoy the explosions and crushes in action movies, and enough details for you to appreciate the intricacy in the characters’ dialogues. Overall, the sound quality of the Mixcder ShareMe are acceptable for movies, TV shows, YouTube videos and podcasts, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use them as a main audio system for music.
    Battery life
    According to Mixcder’s advertisement, the ShareMe can offer up to 20 hours of consecutive music playback between charges. In real life use, however, the battery life depends on how you use those headphones. Enabling the ShareMe function or tuning the volume up will definitely drain the battery faster. From my very own experiences, 12-15 hours of consecutive use is what you should expect from those headphones.
    The Mixcder ShareMe headphones are priced at $35.99 on Amazon.com (for one set), and in this price range you actually do have many options. For example, the Ausdom M05, which are superior to the ShareMe in almost every aspect, are also only priced at $40.99.
    The value of those headphones comes from the ShareMe function, and for that you will need two sets. Although they don’t offer the same level of sound and build quality we normally get from many other similarly priced headsets, it is a lot fun being able to watch a movie with your loved ones in a living room and still be surrounded by the sound effects that movie offers.
    If you are not interested in the ShareMe function and only need one wireless headset, there are many better-sounding headphones under $50 I would recommend to you over the Mixcder ShareMe. But if you do live with someone and constantly need to share movies and music with that person but don’t want the terrible sound coming from the built-in speakers of your laptop, tablet or PC, those ShareMe headphones could come in handy without breaking your bank.
  2. Gracesheng
    Thansks Jupit3r, very nice review and photos. 
    It would be nice to use both pairs so that two people can watch a show without bothering others.
    You can find Mixcder ShareMe on Amazon USA, UK, CA, JP, IT, FR
    Here is a discount offer  for Amazon US only .
    The price for Prime Day was  $29.99 and $26.99 for the Black&Red, White and Blue. 
    There is no other than good choice to get a pair of headphones with Share function, so  to let more people know Mixcder ShareMe, to get more fun and happiness. Mixcder offers  a better discount than Prime Day. 
    Listing:  www.amazon.com/dp/B0152GBS66/

    Promotion Price: 
    Two Headphones= $50( no Color limitation)
    one headphone= $25.99(any color)  

    Code: GD8BBMAO 
    The code works for both color. 

  3. kiler
    Interesting review and concept, sad to hear about the sound quality, even though I'm sure it won't bother many of the potential buyers of this kind of headphones :)
  4. Gracesheng
    The upgrade version of Mixcder ShareMe will be online soon, it's named ShareMe Pro, with the decent sound qualit, but it's with some commercial design. 

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