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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by mitsu763, Oct 13, 2009.
  1. mitsu763
    Feedback for mitsu763
  2. jonathanjong
    Rob sold me a Grado extension cable. The negotiation was quick and painless, and it arrived from the US to NZ shortly after. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was packed in a box. Now, thanks to Rob, I can walk around half my flat without having to remove my headphones.
  3. Shahrose
    Quick payment, and communication. Great buyer. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.

  4. Monago
    I sold Rob my KICAS Caliente, and was very happy with his excellent communication and prompt payment.

    Great buyer, and would sell to him again without hesitation.
  5. alank46
    I purchased a RSA SR71a from Rob. quick & seamless transaction.
  6. ultimdan
    Bought a pair of RS2 from him. The sipping cost was nice and it was really well packaged. The headphones were exactly as described. Buy from him with confidence.

  7. fenixdown110
    Rob sold me his KICAS Caliente shipped insured to my doorstep within a few days. Great communication and smooth transaction. Highly recommended.
  8. xfixiator
    Rob sold me Sennheiser HD600s. Headphones arrived within a week, and were exactly as described. Very good person to deal with, very patient and great communication. Buy from him with confidence.
  9. sampson_smith
    I purchased a Woo Audio 'T' stand from Rob. The headphone stand arrived very quickly and was in perfect shape. Rob is a great Head-fi'er and I would be glad to deal with him again! All the very best, sir! [​IMG]
  10. tubenews
    Traded my Millet Hybrid for Rob's ATH AD2000s.  Smooth as silk transaction and awesome communication!  Highly recommended member.  Thanks, Rob!
  11. OPTiK
    I bought mitsu763's uDAC. It's in prefect shape, excellent packaging (very protected), and speedy shipping mixed in with excellent communication. Would definitely buy from again!!
  12. neob
    I bought several pairs of Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 from Rob.
    It's a quick transaction. Rob sent the package to me (to Indonesia), immediately after payment.
    Do not hesitate to enter into transactions with him.
    Thank you ...
  13. insomniac Contributor
    Sold an iPod Shuffle to mitsu763.  He was easy to communicate with, payment was prompt, and the transaction was smooth overall.  I highly recommend dealing with him.
  14. AlexinExile
    Traded my Amphora for his Ultrasone Pro750s + cash. Smooth transaction and great communication. I would definitely do business with him again.
  15. tubenews
    Bought ESW9 from Rob.  Cans are in perfect condition as described.  Rob was very helpful in facilitating a delayed shipping date for me due to me being on vacation.  Great guy and great member!     

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