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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. ehjie

    My JP1 upgrade, high purity silver balance cable...
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  2. Manzabadman
    Nice looking cable:smile_phones:
    Do you have a link for where you purchaced it or is it handmade ?
    I want to upgrade the cable for my MJ2s
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  3. barondla
    Terrific looking cable @ehjie ! Did you build it? If not, who did? Bet the sound improvement was nice.
    Thanks for sharing.
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  4. ehjie
    Thank you very much @barondla. But we really have to thank @Jackomik for the extensive research. i believe that's the 3rd revision and finally worked! JP1 balance configuration's like no other. These cables are truly bespoke, in every sense of the word. The cable build is hybrid, high purity silver "live" & OF Copper for the earthing / grounding.
    Sound improvements:
    1. Wider Soundstage, yes this is closed back but he imaging stepped Outside the gorgeous wooden cups and extended its stage width
    2. Clearer mid range
    3. sparklier trebles
    4. instruments & voices are as realistic as they can get
    5. The JP1 bass got tighter
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  5. ehjie
    Thank you @Manzabadman . Yes, they were hand made by @Jackomik . You can pm him of course...
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  6. barondla
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  7. ehjie
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  8. ehjie
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  9. ericj
    I just wanted to come here to say that M&J's "world's first portable electrostatic headphone" is total bullflop.

    That would be the AKG K4, circa 1980.
  10. CJG888
    M&Js weren’t truly electrostatic but electret. There were lots of these on the market in the 70s and 80s (AKG being among the best).
  11. ehjie
    oh that's why getting the power straight from the dap...
    it's a sad story still. if i knew that some day this would happen, i should've joined the drop about a year ago. the price was crazy low, too @ usd. 169!
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