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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. barondla
    Massdrop doesn't always ship to all countries. Seems to be controlled by their partner. There can be extra fees involved (not Massdrop's doing) for things like VAT and tariffs. Those are the buyers responsibility to pay. Sometimes products lack a warranty! Don't think Massdrop allows returns. As others have stated, check it out before ordering.

    The Mitchell & Johnson are nice sounding headphones. Their sound signature changes more with different equipment than most. Even though they are efficient and can be driven by a cellphone, they are a complex load. Not all equipment sounds great with these. Be especially careful with components that have high output impedance.

    I get the feeling that these are being cleared out by Mitchell & Johnson. No idea if more will be manufactured.
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  2. RockStar2005
    That would suck if they stopped making 'em. But perhaps they are looking to release the MJ3 with improvements?? lol :L3000:
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  3. Richter Di
    I guess you are probably right. First of all mitchell and johnson broke up. Secondly they sold not so many of their headphones on indiegogo, so I guess the massdrop is trying to sell the rest.
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  4. RockStar2005
    Wait what??! They broke up? So what does that mean for the company??
  5. Richter Di
    Source: https://www.gullifordhifi.co.uk/mitchell-johnson/

    BTW according to another article https://www.pressreader.com/ they called themselves Sansui UK until 2015.
  6. Jobbing
    It doesn't mean anything. Mitchell & Johnson continue business as usual, their focus being on the 800 series now.
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  7. RockStar2005
    So wait, they are owned by Gulliford Hi Fi now? I'm confused. lol

    Yeah looks like they're only selling receivers now. What a bummer! Hopefully they release the MJ3 (or equal) sometime soon. But if not then I guess the MJ2 will become an even hotter item!
  8. Jobbing
    It's not that difficult as @barondla and @Richter Di said.

    Mitchell & Johnson took their first steps in headphones with a custom tuned headphone series on crowdfunding platforms based on a patented technology. By the end of the campaigns they did not sell as many headphones as they'd hoped for and IP did the rest. It's a sad to see the audio community was hesitant to embrace this hybrid technology Mitchell & Johnson brought to the table. Many even discarded them beforehand - presuming electret technology was a thing of the past and other nonsense arguments - without having auditioned the headphones themselves (or without the proper burn in). When all had settled and positive feedback gained interest of the audio community it was too late. Unfortunately it looks like clearing out was the best option. It's good to see so many of their headphones got into the hands of owners that appreciate the sound signature.

    Dave Johnson and co. are highly motivated to bring us new affordable hi-fi.
    I wouldn't be surprised to see Mitchell & Johnson hitting the market again with a great new series of innovating headphones when the time is right. For now I think we should consider the MJ2's to be discontinued.
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  9. barondla
    Mitchell & Johnson are doing well. Look at their rapidly growing 800 series home components. Beautiful equipment receiving great reviews. At the moment they are focusing full attention on these home components. If you love their headphones, give their other equipment a listen. I'm excited because these are supposed to become available in the US.

    Paul Mitchell is a musician and decided to follow his heart and pursue other projects. This happened over an year ago. As @Jobbing pointed out the company is doing fine. Witness the 800 series.

    Wouldn't be a bit surprised to see a new series of headphones one day. Until then, just keep listening to the current ones . There's rarely a day I don't listen to either the GL2 or MJ2. Life's good!
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  10. RockStar2005
    Wow that's sad. But thanks for the info! If anyone sees them releasing new ones (ESPECIALLY a sequel to the MJ2), I'm sure many in this thread would appreciate a post mentioning it (including a link too).
  11. RockStar2005
    It's cool they're still selling products like the home components, but me personally I'm only really interested in their headphones. lol I have a Denon receiver that still works great so no need for anything else. But their receivers/amps look pretty nice!
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  12. Jobbing
    It sure is. Will do...

    The new component series might be a very pleasant surprise for you, especially when looking under the hood.

    Well, back to headphones again.....
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  13. RockStar2005
    I took a look at a few of the receivers, which I believe is the same thing as amplifier. They all look pretty nice. I saw they had one with a DAC in it too so that's cool. It would be nice if they had them available on US Amazon instead of UK though. lol Like this one, won't ship to US, so I'd have to buy it off eBay and at a much higher price than UK Amazon's.
  14. Jobbing
    I was actually referring to the new 800 series for 2019. Those should become available and distributed to retailers in the US.

    P.S. Receiver definitely is not the same as amplifier
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  15. Jobbing
    a receiver has a broadcast radio tuner included in the same chassis as the preamplifier and amplifier circuits, a combination which, without a tuner, would make up an integrated amplifier. If the preamp is also left out, what's left is just called the amplifier.
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