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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. Purplezorz
    Thanks, I was really curious to see if someone finally made something that can handle serious low end with one driver and keep the rest of the music clean and detailed (provided you have enough power/voltage). Again the Kennerton's do this very well, but at £1800, it's just not worth it haha (for that objective anyway, amazing headphone for normal listening).

    Try St. Martins by Djrum

    Yeah it's mostly electronic, but the beginning and end string infused sections make it :')

    Thanks again for testing!
  2. Astonish
    No prob, if you go a page or two back you can see I thought these were missing bass also (and not even basshesdlevel, I just thought felt like they had no bass; ie: the hifiman re400s)

    But yea eq didn’t do much for them there. Maybe a pad swap to something thicker would help emphasize the bass a bit.

    For good bass and also clear other frequency ranges, have you tried planars? They sound right up your alley.
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  3. Purplezorz
    Haha, that's what everyone says, but unfortunately they're not - HOWEVER, I haven't lost hope yet. It may because I don't have enough power. I've tried mainly using my Creative E5 which is usually OK, even with say the HD 650s, but Planars are a different beast, so either the headphone is distorting (plausible because the membrane is so thin and I'm a sub bass head, not mid bass which planars can do very well) or my amp just can't deal with the load (likely in some cases and not others, as I've tried some of the newer more efficient planars (LCD-4Z for example) and the same thing happens). Another thing is these headphones might just be so low distortion that I'm trying to over-compensate what I've always THOUGHT is 40hz below is actually just a bunch of distortion and I'm not actually suppose to hear anything, just feel it.
    The closest I got to it being awesome was the Chord Hugo TT outputting to my Creative and that into some LCDs and JUST as it was about to get to the ideal level where they would be a worthy upgrade, distortion started coming in (This was with the LCD-2C Classics and the Classics Closed).
    I'm spoilt because the V-Moda M-100 with XL Pads just has the best Sub Bass reproductive ability I've ever heard on anything - including everything at CanJam London. The highs and mids aren't un-listenable and go really well with the sound signature, but they're just for fun, not critical listening. ZMF Auteur came close and the Kennerton Odin (that's why I was hoping someone had somehow made a £1800 headphone into a £500 one haha - similar hybrid design) came closer - actually coming to think about it, I heard the Sony Z1Rs a while back and they were Sub Bass monsters whilst keeping clarity (which was astonishing the first time I heard it, I was waiting for them to break under the ridiculous EQ and volume I was putting through it). I must try them again one day after all this listening experience...

    But before I try again, I want to acquire an iFi Micro Black Label. With the amount of voltage it deals, I would finally be able to put all doubts to rest (There's also the Emotiva BasX and the Burson Conductor Virtuoso V2+, but they're not portable solution so taking them to say a show would be cumbersome, though fine for a private listening session at a shop).

    Oh it's worth noting that I'm trying to find a headphone that I can both go crazy with but also do critical listening with - which is a nightmare because the higher up you get, manufacturers are trying to target "neutral" with a sprinkle of their house sound signature (OK Klipsch HP-3s are the exception, they take the "play it loud and love it approach), not shake your skull bass AND all the benefits of a competent high end can. Although there is a rumour that the ridiculously priced (For someone like me) Abyss AKA the death trap, is very bassey and unreal sounding.

    Whoops, got excited.
  4. Astonish
    Lol no worries talking headphones is fun bro! I think you’re right about a lot of the high end stuff being tuned neutral and shying away from bass, it depends on the preferences I suppose. My m1060s do mid bass and sub bass well, I thought, but if you’re looking for some really crazy bass cans I have you checked out some of the higher end closed back fostex? I hear a lot of good things about them and they’re mentioned often in the basshead convos, not sure exactly which models though, but it’s a starting point.

    Also i heard the Phillip fidelio x2s can hit hard, but they’re not going to be on the level of the other stuff sonically in other areas
  5. Purplezorz

    In fact the Fidelio X2HR are my favourite headphones that I currently own. Only issue is in the HR version, the pads become comfy, but at the sacrifice of your ears getting closer to the driver and you get an annoying (though I've gotten used to it) vibrating sensation - which is only present with strong bass notes. But yes, for opens, they kick and go low, super wide soundstage, treble that's on par with much more expensive headphones (when tamed; comically sharp when A/B'd stock with more treble competent headphones otherwise), really awesome for the type of music I listen to - well, the nicer side. For heavy Dubstep it just sounds awful and I haven't been able to get it listenable with EQ, but that's fine.

    Also, I've purchased the Fostex TR-X00 Purplehearts and I've tried them before and they're a wonderful balance. Once I get my two EQ curves sorted (critical / fun listening), I don't think I will be listening to much else. I loved the TH900mk2 (especially with Dekoni Hybrid pads), but even those are no match for V-Moda's - mids and highs they get completely destroyed, but sub bass, can't touch 'em :D

    Excited for Friday when the Purplehearts arrive =D

    Haven't heard the 1060s, heard mixed reviews. It's really difficult to convey the sound / feeling I'm looking for to people who aren't already bassheads haha - But I find it important to convey that that's not the only signature I used across all music, just that I listen to a lot of bass music that benefits from enhanced bass and it'd be nice to have crazy low end but keep the clarity from 200hz upward.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
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  6. Astonish
    I’m a bass head, we just have different prefrences. Worked at Webster hall in nyc before it closed down so dubstep and Edm was king there every weekend.

    What I will say is it is harder to find an all around headphone when you have a preference for one thing, it seems like something else is usually sacrificed in the mix of bringing out the other thing. For example, I like mid centric or mid forward headphones usually these will be considered dark and have rolled treble or they will be missing some base on the opposite spectrum. I suppose it’s the same for bass cannons, they are probably hard to do without interfering with the mids most notably, you’ll need fast and precise drivers not to, which is why I suggested planar initially. Hmm maybe try stax? I know they’re expensive lol but might have to go up into that range to get that sound you’re looking for. I’ve also heard good things about the mr speakers aeon closed back planar idk if you’ve heard those yet?

    Either way interested to see what you end up getting haha I just got the senn 58x jubilees and they’ve been my favorite pair, at least getting the most head time. They do it all good after some mid eq boost
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  7. Purplezorz
    Ahh awesome!

    Agreed. I think that's what makes it fun. There are so many headphones, but it's like an RPG game, many character attributes; strengths and weaknesses. A dark mid centric can eh? Sennheiser HD650 / HD6XX or the Audeze LCD-2 Classics will probably suit you.

    Usually I find that there are a lot of competent cans out there, but they start distorting when you get them to do extreme sub bass or when there's a constant bass note with a hard kick mixed in, returning to that constant bass note is very challenging for a driver. So yeah, again the dream is to have a dedicated bass driver and a separate mid/high driver to deal with the rest of the frequency response. So long as you give the headphone enough power so it can move both drivers adequately it would work.

    I've really wanted to try Stax, but I'm scared because there is SO much hype. I want to wait till I have ideal conditions, but I suspect as the membrane is even thinner (I think) than planars, I imagine it's extremely fast and competent down to the midbass area, but it will just exponentially fall off the lower you go. Their strength is speed so I imagine separation and imaging will be absolutely insane.

    I didn't like the Aeons. I think you'll appreciate this. My review of some of the cans I've been interested in for a long time that I got to see at CanJam this year. I've written some first impressions from a basshead's perspective on each. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10156415257475420&type=1&l=6206343363

    And ahh, I did imagine a Sennheiser can would be right up your alley. I haven't actually heard the 500 series yet. Something for future listening :D

    MY PURPLEHEARTS CAME! Out of the box they're so good. But I know after I let them burn in for a few hours and I get used to their sound signature and start EQ'ing they'll be even better.
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  8. Astonish
    My current headphones are the senn 6xx, 58x, jubilee, m1060s, and a pair of grados. So your suggestions were pretty on point, especially considering I had just sold a couple pair of audeze a not too long ago lol

    And sweet the Purple Hearts fostex look awesome
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  9. Benz-Fi
    I guess my definition of bass is different than yours because my Pad-Modded JP1s throw out serious bass that is very satisfying even to a mild "basshead" -- I mean they are not as low-end heavy as the Cascades or Purple Hearts but they can definitely get bassy and the extension is beautifully clear all the way down. At first I used bigger, angled, more cushiony pads and found that the bass was not as present although the imaging was next level, so I ended up switching to the Non-Angled sheepskin Dakoni elite pads and it made a huge impact on the low end presence, so they're not as wide but they are definitely more musical and the bass hits much harder, enough to satisfy some of my "basshead" friends who buy their cans on bass and isolation alone. Keep in mind that if you have bigger ears and have a comfort issue with the stock pads where your ears are touching the base: The dakoni pads are only a few millimeters thicker than the stock ones, for me that was enough to be comfortable but may not be thick enough for bigger ears. - M&J should use better pads with the next release, maybe even include a couple of different styles. Really was my only complaint, especially with the sound signature gains users are getting with simple mods.

    I still maintain that the JP1s are extremely underrated and overlooked :)
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  10. Astonish
    We’re talking about the mj2 model though. So that’s probably why your definition of bass is different because, it’s a different headphone lol

    But I agree on the pad thing, the stock mj2 pads are horrible too haha
  11. RockStar2005
    Those pads are circular, while the MJ2's ear cups are not. But they still fit on nicely??
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  12. Astonish
    He was talking about the jp1 model, not the mj2
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  13. RockStar2005
    Oh ok. Then disregard. lol
  14. RockStar2005
    Hey Sujay,

    Just to reconfirm, you 100% cannot fold the MJ2 inwards with these Brainwavz Sheepskin non-angled pads?? 100% sure, or no (you can)?? Please let me know.
  15. ehjie
    jp1 old & new pads.png

    There are definitely improvements on the upgraded Pads. Will share impressions very soon...
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