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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. Sujay Rao
    You could try David Choy at Triton Audio Cables. He made one for me and he knows the MJ2 wiring quirks. Sound great. Slightly forward midrange and upper base.
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  2. RockStar2005
    Ok thanks Sujay!!
  3. RockStar2005
    Very cool!

    I'm trying out the MJ2s right now actually. I notice that my ears (which are only medium-sized) seem to touch the driver as the pads aren't very deep. If I decide to keep these (still auditioning them), due to the success you experienced, I might be inclined to get the Brainwavz sheepskin non-angled ear pads I had bought a while back for my former Meze 99 Classics. I think you were looking for them, and fortunately U.S. Amazon does still sell them!

    The only thing is, the JP1s are oval like these pads, but the MJ2s are rectangular. So would be these pads even fit (or also look weird) on the MJ2s?? I welcome responses from everyone!
  4. RockStar2005
    Well I compared the MJ2s with my Bowers & Wilkins wired P7s and the Shure SRH1540s (which again I was also currently auditioning).

    Vs. the P7 (which I planned to sell regardless b/c of comfort issues): Both headphones sounded great, but I felt like the MJ2s had SLIGHTLY more clarity, and better comfort too than the P7s, though if I keep these (keep reading lol), I would definitely want to get the Brainwavz non-angled sheepskin ear pads as the pads now are kinda more on-ear than over-ear, which I don't really like. But do you guys think it would be weird to have oval-shaped ear pads on the rectangular-shaped MJ2??? Thoughts?

    Vs. the 1540: The Shure 1540s have a bigger soundstage, and appear to render all the same details. The only thing is, as perfect as they sound, they also sound somewhat "cold and distant" too, which isn't a good thing. They seem more suited perhaps for studio engineering that casual music listening it seems. Comfort is great though, and looks are nice too. But they are going back. The MJ2s just have more punch to them I feel.

    So the thing is, before I settle on the MJ2s, has ANYONE in here ever compared them to the Beyerdynamic DT-1770 Pro?? These headphones seem really interesting to me, and I've heard/read great things about their special Tesla 2.0 magnet drivers as well. My worry is they will also have the same "analytical" feel of the Shures since they are marketed as studio headphones, although several reviewers on here feel that despite all that they really are "fun" headphones to listen to, which is kinda what I want. What do you guys think about this as well?
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  5. Sujay Rao
    I’ve made the change. It does look a bit strange and the fit isn’t skin tight, but the sheer upscale in comfort and isolation is worth it. The sound is different too. More prominent lowest mids and bass.
    I have pics of the mod somewhere in this thread. Go for it.
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  6. RockStar2005
    Nice. Yeah I would imagine it's more bassier now too. Same thing happened when I upgraded my old Meze 99 Classics' ear pads with the Brainwavz sheepskin ones too.

    Oh yeah that's right, you do. Found it. Yeah still looks nice, though I would prefer it to be a skin tight fit so not to worry about it coming loose, especially when I'm traveling with them.

    Thanks Sujay!!

    I decided to go ahead and purchase the Beyer DT-1770 Pro (for only $499 ((vs. regular $599 price)) from an alternate seller) last night so to compare them to the MJ2s in terms of comfort but of course more importantly, sound. So we're talkin' "special" electrostatz drivers here vs. dynamic "Tesla 2.0" magnetic drivers here. Should be interesting. The MJ2s are more portable (since they also fold in which the DT-1770 Pro doesn't), but the inclusion of the Brainwavz pads will diminish their portability a little bit at least. What I'm hoping for the Beyers is that they don't have TOO wide a soundstage like the Meze and Shures seemed too, but also not the over analytical and "distant" sound the Shures appeared to have as well. We'll see once they come in. Prob next week, though may be sooner depending on when they arrive.
  7. barondla
    The oval pads look fine on the MJ2. May have to check them out. I don't find the MJ2 uncomfortable, but deeper pads might improve things even more.

    RockStar2005 don't hesitate to let the MJ2 play constantly while you are waiting for the other headphones to arrive. Doubt the MJ2 open box got anywhere near the 200+ hours of exercise required. Play them constantly. They keep improving.
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  8. RockStar2005
    Hey barondla,

    Yeah they look fine. And I know from experience that they are VERY comfortable and feel nice too (buttery soft on the skin).

    The uncomfortable aspect for me on the MJ2s was that I could feel the speaker driver against my ear. aka Too close. lol

    Yeah with the deeper pads you get better instrument separation and a wider soundstage (which kinda go hand in hand). My issue with them on the Meze 99 Classics was that the oval-shaped ear cups (which are NORMALLY ideal) were kinda digging into lower cheekbones a bit much.

    Well they came open-box but I still burned them in here at home for an extra 30-40 hours. Yeah prob not, but still I did that.

    The Beyer DT-1770 Pros came in yesterday, and I listened to them last night using the bonus leatherette ear pads as a couple pro reviews said they were superior sounding to the default velour ones. I have to say, I was BLOWN away by them! I mean they almost made me tear up! haha I listened to the MJ2s too the other night, and they were outstanding as well! Later today I will compare them and decide, but I will DEFINITELY recommend both and keep both on my list going forward.

    I'll keep u guys posted................................
  9. RockStar2005
    After a week of comparing these to the Mitchell & Johnson MJ2s, I decided to go with the Beyers. The MJ2s are also incredible though. Both were the most expensive headphones I've auditioned in-home yet, and both are worth their weight in GOLD! But even though I loved the engaging sound of the MJ2s, I felt the 1770 was also quite engaging and fun, but it also had a fantastic soundstage as well. Not TOO wide, but wider than the MJ2's.

    Of course, I could get upgraded ear pads for the MJ2s, but then that would kill another strong point they have going that the Beyers don't........extra portability. The MJ2s fold in and come with a pretty compact egg-shaped box. From what I've read, these upgraded pads make it impossible to fold the MJ2s in, which negates their portability factor. I will admit that the MJ2s over time didn't seem as uncomfortable with the stock pads as I originally perceived, but I still wanted a bit more space and more soundstage (which of course results in better instrument separation). So the 1770s just made more sense.

    My final take on these two is..........if portability is a big deal for you, you can't go wrong with the MJ2s. Like the DT-1770s, they are crystal clear and VERY detail-revealing! But if you don't mind a bigger headphone (but still portable, IMO), I feel you get the very best sound from the 1770s. The Tesla 2.0 drivers are great and can get pretty loud despite the 250-ohm impedance rating. The MJ2's special brand of electrostatic drivers are fantastic too!

    Thanks to everyone here who gave advice on the MJ2s, including the cable! Much appreciated!! I will continue to praise both of these headphones and am keeping both on my running list of headphone suggestions.
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  10. barondla
    @RockStar2005 great review. Glad you found what you were looking for. Hope to see and hear a set of Beyer someday. They make some cool headphones. Enjoy the music.
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  11. RockStar2005
    Thanks man! Yes me too. In addition to the much shorter 4' (vs. factory 10' ones) replacement cable, I also purchased the upgrade Dekoni sheepskin leather ear pads for them as well. Increased comfort vs. the stock leatherette ones. Now they are even better!

    Yeah you should check them out for sure. I'd heard mixed reviews about various Beyer headphones before, but I knew certain models like this one were supposed to be great. I really believe the technology behind the dynamic magnetic all-metal Tesla 2.0 drivers is the reason for this. Just read about it the other day and as an owner I can vouch for what they are saying.

    Once again, thank you for all your help! I have absolutely no regrets on checking out the MJ2s and still think very highly of them.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
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  12. barondla
    @RockStar2005 Beyer is correct about more magnetic power being good. Interestingly no one has taken the next step with dynamic drivers. Lose the permanent magnets. Electro magnets are capable of more magnetism. Of course, this would make a headphone that requires a power box, be expensive, and obviously not portable. Similar to the energizer box that full range electrostats require. But, expensive and impractical are common in highend audio.

    Heard a pair of Supravox 8" fullrange driver field coil home speakers. There was a purity. It was amazing. Focal uses a field coil woofer on their top home speaker. Think it is $200K.

    Many headphone owners find they can adjust comfort and sound to their preferences with different ear pads. It is cool there are so many aftermarket choices. The headphone market just keeps expanding.

    Enjoy your music. Don't forget to chime in here once in awhile.
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  13. RockStar2005
    Common? Yes, they are. lol

    I know Shure recently released the first electrostatic earphones which are said to be amazing, and then more recently a more inexpensive but still effective version as well. You do have to carry around the amplifier for them, but it's relatively small. Still, it costs like $3000 (or $1500)!

    Nice on the speakers! $200K eh? F me. lol

    Yeah it's nice to have options. It's smart for them to make these accessories available because it makes me people want to keep spending money on the devices they go with. Yes it is! I mean, 4 years ago I didn't give a flying F about headphones. I had a $35 pair of V-Moda earphones and I thought I was cool. lol Thought owning headphones was silly and a waste of money. But then when I found out about Hi-Res music, that was the catalyst that started it all. And it's not about the higher resolution making it sound better BS (as long as it's above mp3-grade like AAC that's all you need), but the fact that the studios use the BEST masters for THESE specific releases is what really matters. Then after sampling a few tracks out I quickly realized to really hear the difference I was gonna have to upgrade big time. And now I'm here! 4 years later and I got the most premium headphones yet and a very sizable collection of Hi-Res albums and tracks, in addition to replacing a lot of my mp3s with CD-quality AAC files. I really do hear a difference even there. The bass is always deeper and better on the FLAC or AAC file version vs. the mp3 version when ripped from the same source file. And other things too are different, like the sound of the drum cymbals, etc.

    Yeah and you too. The MJ2s are a very WORTHY accomplice to have in one's own Hi-Fi adventures! lol Feel free to PM me as well if you'd like. I'm sure I'll see you around too if not in here then elsewhere on here.

    One thing..........I didn't mention it in my review, but I noticed that the MJ2 was different from the last several headphones I've owned or auditioned in that it was the only one that DIDN'T sound its best using my "Magic EQ" (although they ((all versions)) says "P7" on the OP if you scroll down a bit, I've used them all on several headphones and have gotten the very best sound, including on the Beyers). The MJ2 actually sounded better with the "Rock" preset on my Poweramp music app. I could say it has something to do with the different driver technology, but I think it's got more to do with the tuning than anything. It must be very closely tuned to the "Rock" preset EQ tuning as well. This is just something to keep in mind for anyone who owns the MJ2s and is looking to get the BEST sound out of it. I'm guessing the "Rock" preset is probably about the same on all music apps, but that's just a guess, and I can only vouch for Poweramp anyway. So feel fee to try it out (you, or anyone reading this) and let me know if you agree or not vs. no EQ. I just don't agree that no EQ is best anymore. Maybe on really expensive headphones that's true, but it's quite possible it's not too. But I get it, EQ'ing isn't easy. I even had some help from a couple ppl on here in developing mine (the main "P7" version, and all the rest). Oh and, just b/c it says P7, again, I've changed the name several times but not the EQs. (Only "Bass Train" was altered for my Beyers......just dipped the bass EQ bands down a bit more as the Beyers seem a bit more bassy to me.) So just keep that in mind.
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  14. Purplezorz
    Has anyone tried to EQ these to basshead levels in the sub bass?
    Or just in general to find out what their limits when you push them with power and EQ?
    Their description reminds me of the Kennerton Odin.
  15. Astonish
    You’re not gonna get anywhere close to basshead out of these lol. Tried just to see on pc equlizer apo and didn’t sound good. A couple dbs added a little definition to it, anything over that just sounded farty and unnatural like you’re trying to artificially boost bass that just isn’t there, which makes sense because that’s what I was doing lol

    So yea if you want that kind of bass look elsewhere, these are still second to none in terms of string timbre though in my opinion, worth keeping around just for that, they do it that good
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