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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. barondla
    @Tor M glad you are enjoying the stereo again. Pro-Ject makes nice stuff so not surprised it is performing well. Doesn't it also have an ADC built in for converting analog signals to digital? Think it is the Pro-Ject I've been looking at. If so, have you tried any recording? My only digital recorder is a Pioneer PD-R99. Does great, but it is only 16/44.1 redbook CD resolution. I want, I need more. Having to use a computer to record with the Pro-Ject scares me a little. The fact it sounds super with the Mitchell & Johnson MJ2 excites me.

    Very tricky turning a new bench into a reason to upgrade cables.
  2. Benz-Fi
    Received a pair of JP1 yesterday and spent a few hours with them. I'm extremely happy with the sound extension, detail and accuracy, I especially like how flat and true the higher frequencies are. I really can't wait to get home and listen to them again..However I'm a little bummed by the earpads, after only an hour of listening the top of my ears felt kinda' sore from being pressed against speaker grill inside of the cup. I wish they would have come with deeper pads. Has anyone tried changing the ear pads on the JP1? Are they even replaceable?
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  3. barondla
    Glad you like the sound. It really is something special. Haven't handled the JP1. The GL2 and MJ2 both have replaceable earpads. Imagine the JP1 does also. Especially since it is used by DJs.
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  4. Benz-Fi
    Good to know, thank you. - Now to find pads that fit and have thicker pads without changing the sound signature. Any recommendations would be great!
  5. milkyspray
    I'm in the same boat, the mj2 is extremely uncomfortable after an hour of use. The top corners of both my ears touch the drivers casings, the pads aren't long enough to prevent the touching.
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  6. accrama
    Same boat as you guys, MJ2 hurt my ears (but they sound wonderful). I contacted M+J, they said "ask the forum for a solution". The best suggestion I got was to put cotton padding wrapped in electric tape. I did just that with mouth cotton swabs (2 inches across) all underneath the earcups. The sound quality takes a hit, especially the bass, but it still sounds pretty sweet and now my (big) ears have ample room.
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  7. Benz-Fi
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  8. barondla
    Look like they will fit. Appear to use the same attachment method. Took a pad off the MJ2 once. It takes a little time to reinstall the skirt into the that thin slit. Let us know how they work out. They do look comfortable.
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  9. willsw
    Those fit the GL2 and improve the sound and comfort a great deal. Highly recommended. I forgot to try them on any other models. I can see if they fit the MJ1, MJ2, or JP1, though I have doubts about the rectangular cups.
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  10. Benz-Fi
    Ordered them today, but it will be awhile before I get them. mASSdrop won't be shipping until March 8th!@%# I can already tell that the pads will be a pain to install as I tried taking one off last night and it was problematic, I think it will be worth it though. - I will let you know how it goes when I finally get them.
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  11. barondla
    There are a lot of headphones that use the same attachment system. It isn't too bad with practice. If you remove and reinstall pads too many times they may stretch. Making attachment even more difficult. MassDrop is cool, but sometimes the wait isn't helpful. Let us know how they work out when they arrive.

    Have you tried lifting up the inner part of the pads and "stuffing" filler between pad's bottom and earcup? It doesn't even require removing pads. Try to use fairly dense, non porous material to keep the bass sealed.
  12. Benz-Fi
    I haven't tried that. Do you think the thick dentist gauze would work? I know I can buy them from Walgreens.
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  13. barondla
    Think without modification, the gauze would leak too much bass. You could wrap it in something like black electricians tape. Grado owners wrap their outer foam earpads with this an it makes a major difference in lowend. You might try closed cell foam also.

    The seal is quite important on any earphone to get proper bass response. When the pad is lifted away from the earpiece, only the skin is sealing on the outside. So the filler you add needs to be dense. Want to block the air.

    Closed cell foam might work. You could buy it in a 1 /4 -1/2" thick sheet and cut an exact match fit. Wonder what would happen if a $5 pair of headphones were salvaged for their pad material? Hmmm. All of these can be tried cheaply.
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  14. barondla
    Listening to Judas Priest - Nostradamus. An amazing sounding concept album (2 discs). The soundstage is very nice. Using the GL2 with the Pono Player.
  15. Benz-Fi
    I got the new pads and managed to fit them on fairly easy. I spent several hours listening to them since and they are now very comfortable for long listening sessions. :ok_hand:

    Some of my impressions:

    The "bad" - I find that imaging is slightly decreased but not enough to flatten the sound. Sub-bass is also somewhat decreased and so the extension is not as apparent as before. Bass in general is still fast and powerful. The new ear pads are much larger and so folding the headphones into the storage case is not an option anymore but since I keep them on a stand it doesn't bother me.

    The "good" - Holy soundstage batman! Although I feel like the new pads isolate better and leak less, your ear is now much further from the driver and the soundstage is significantly wider, more "open" than before and I personally really like that.

    Overall I am really happy with the new pads and I would recommend the switch to anyone who has comfort issues during prolonged wearing. Here is what they look like now:

    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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