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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. accrama
    Hello everyone, I am new here and would very much appreciate the help of this forum.
    I contacted Mitchell & Johnson and they actually pointed here for help.

    I just got a pair of MJ2, and they sound fantastic. However, I apparently have a small head and big ears.:confounded:

    The headband is too big for me, it never rests on my head, even on the shortest setting. I solved that with Sennheiser 650 headband cushions (held in place temporarily with bread ties :dt880smile:).

    The ear cups are too small, they are almost on-ear for me. My lobes or upper-ear hurt after 30 minutes or so.
    I stuffed the inner cup with cotton, expanded the cup, and they are much more comfortable now, but still make my ears hurt after an hour or so. (For size's sake, my ears are perfectly fine with HifiMan 400i, Sennheiser 598SE or Bose ae2).

    I also feel I am loosing a bit in sound quality with the cotton stuffing (is it just me?)

    Has anyone had this ear cup problem?
    Do you suggest any alternative ear cups?

    It's either that or returning them, that would be very sad. :triportsad:

    Thanks a bunch !
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  2. barondla
    Hello accrama,

    Welcome to Head-Fi and the Mitchell & Johnson thread.

    The MJ2 are excellent sounding headphones. The headbands are little large for a fair number of people. This is usually cured by using a headband pad. You have already done this with great results. Good job.

    The ear pads could also be a better fit for your ears. You have added cotton to the inner cup. Not sure what this means? Did you stuff cotton under the edge of the ear pad to increase the distance from the driver? Are you needing deeper pads? It is possible for ear pads to affect sound quality. Many Grado owners wrap electrical tape around the foam ear pads. This reinforces midbass and some lower midrange.

    If the HD598 are the same size as my HD600, then they are much larger headphones than the Mitchell & Johnson MJ2. I posted a pic of both headphones, a few pages back, allowing people to compare the size difference. If you are trying to attach HD998 size ear pads to the MJ2, not sure how to do that. Are you worried about the appearance of the finished product? The MJ2 pads insert into a thin slit around the cup. It would be tough to make much larger pads fit.

    To fit much larger pads on the MJ2, I would probably try making an adapter. Maybe fit thin, stiff strips into the groove around the ear cup, making a frame. The outer edge of the strips need to be the size of the new pads. Stretch new pads over adapters. You may need to glue the pads to the adapter. Just an idea.

    There is also a post here at Head-Fi about making custom pads. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/request-custom-earpad-tutorial-for-fullsized-cans.562891/

    Others may post their ideas. Hang in there. The MJ2 are worth the effort.
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  3. accrama
    Hello BARONDLA, thank you so much for your warm welcome and for your help.

    I have stuffed cotton under the edge of the inner ear pad, just as you have pointed out. Apparently I need deeper pads, even more so than larger pads. So probably square pads that fit the MJ2 that are the same size but just deeper? Is there anything in the market? I am just terrible at modding things myself. (The cotton was a last resource to avoid returning these wonderful earphones).

    Would the suggested electrical tape go around the cotton, and then stuffed back in the ear pad?

    Making custom frames for the earpads is: 1) out of the question, I'm an idiot with handicrafts; 2) not necessary if I mostly just need deeper pads.

    I am very self aware of the aesthetic aspect of headphones, adding the headband (temporarily with bread ties, LOL) just gave me the shivers. What method would you suggest to make it more permanent? I've seen double tape with velcro suggested elsewhere.

    Thanks again :)
  4. dogears
    Oh just to post my comments on my GL2:
    The headband is on the small side. Could have use another click on both sides.
    Pads are too thin and yes, the driver plane will rest on your ears - and I have small (dog)ears.
    The ear cups don't have much play on them so it will not fit perfectly for odd shaped heads? :D
  5. barondla
    For a better looking headband I would try one of the many pads that wrap around and snap. You seem to have the HD600 pad that fits in the headband channel. There isn't a channel on the M&J to make this work. Just search for headphone pads and numerous choices will appear. Get the largest possible in case you want to stuff even more in filler inside.

    Also thought of avoiding the headband entirely. Look at headphones from AKG or even the Mitchell & Johnson JP1. The use a "sling" between the headband and head. This might be even easier to do than adding padding. Get a proper piece of material and tie it to each arm of the ear cups. Something to investigate.

    For ear cups the seal is important to bass and sound quality. With the M7J pads in the normal state, the whole thickness of the pads help seal the sound. Adding cotton means only the pad's thin attachment area is in play. Cotton lets sound leak out. Instead of cotton use a more dense material like felt. This was the idea behind wrapping the electrical tape around the FOAM (very porous) Grado pads. This was an example of how pads can affect sound. Not recommending you to use this mod on the M&J. Have you filled the original pads to maximum? If so we need to try new pads.

    Don't know what pads will fit your M&J. I would ask this question in the full size headphone forum. Also try searching internet for pads. There are hundreds of choices on ebay, Amazon, Allieexpress, etc. You might also try contacting a custom pad manufacturer like Dekoni Audio for guidance. Here is their site. http://dekoniaudio.com/ear-padz-fit-chart/

    I will try to think of other ideas.
    good luck and hang in there.
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  6. barondla
    This shows it isn't easy to fit everyone. Try stuffing felt or closed cell foam between the pad edge and the headphone. This will make them thicker. The M&J GL2 are oval and there are many other choices of pads that might fit them. Just do a search.

    Now you full size headphone guys are getting a taste of what IEM wearers go through all the time. :). There is often some work required to get the best fit and sound.
  7. dogears
    yup, diy guy (dog?) here. the brainwavz suede pads is working great for me.
  8. barondla
    How much diy did it take to make the Brainwavz pads fit the GL2? And which exact pads were used? This type of info can really help others. Never know, I might give it a go on my GL2. I'm fine with the stock GL2, but if they can be even better, why not?
  9. dogears
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  10. willsw
    I also just put some Brainwavz pads on our GL2s and they fit fine with no modifying. I'll try some other pads on the MJ2. I have ZMF Ori pads and MrSpeakers Alpha Pads to try.
    We also have a lot of ZMF lambskin headband pads that I'll try on various M&J headphones. They're overstock from the LTA x ZMF custom Omni/Ori we did a while ago.

    The pad change made a huge difference. They were just the standard pleather pads, no angle.
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  11. RockStar2005
    The price of the MJ2 just went down a $100 on Amazon! It was $499 a few days ago and before.
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  12. barondla
    Interesting find. Definitely a great deal. Love my MJ2.

    Listening to Sisters Of Mercy - This Corrosion in hi res 24-192WAV on the MJ2 via balanced cables on the Pono Player. Wow! Have this on vinyl but it was always a little ragged sounding in the highs. This digital transfer has great high frequencies. Some times the vinyl wins some timethe digital wins. Life is good.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
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  13. RockStar2005
    Yeah. Like I obtained a digital vinyl copy of the band Garbage's debut album that sounded great. Better than the CD version. Then shortly after the Hi-Res version came out and I bought that too. Digital won again! It just had a bit more LIFE to it.
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  14. barondla
    Love hi res digital. It usually has an ease that cd has difficulty achieving. Sometimes it has more life, sometimes analog vinyl does. My main system doesn't have a way to listen to analog via headphones. I've never heard LPs thru the M&J. Need to fix that some day by adding a headphone amp.

    Do you ever use a headphone amp?
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  15. barondla
    Thanks for this info RockStar2005. That was a fast response from Meze. I like that. Will pick up some furniture cream. Most wooden things seem to last longer when properly maintained with furniture cream. Other wise it tends to dry out. Not surprised wood headphone cups can use a little tlc once in a while.
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