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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. Stevenpi1992
    Thanks for all the information! I think the thread was someone asking for recommendations for a closed back headphone similar to the HE400i if I'm not mistaken.
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  2. barondla
    Thanks for the reply. Did you ever decide on either model M&J headphone?
  3. barondla
    Thinking about building a 2nd balanced cable for the MJ2. The diy balanced cable I'm using now is probably about the same wire gauge as the original M&J cable. I saw a lot of huge headphone cables at the Head-Fi meet earlier this year. Some of it was audiophile speaker wire size. Is such big wire a sonic benefit with our headphones?
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  4. willsw
    The MJ2 cable is wired for stereo on both sides, which is why there's no right or left markings, and also means that it is rather thin wire. What kind of wire thickness is required is debated (just like all wire gauge for almost every audio use), but from a measurable perspective it would depend on which amplifier you're using, the length of the cable, and, of course, the headphones themselves. The HE-6 and AKG K1000 no doubt benefit from thicker cables than any M&J headphone. I re-terminated a K1000 cable that was previously terminated simply with banana plugs, because that's the power they need. I'd say that generally 22awg is as thick as anyone should reasonably go for headphones and is probably far larger than necessary for almost every situation. 26awg is what I've decided is a nice size for over-ear that you'll be walking around with, based on completely non-scientific factors and also the relatively limited amount of wire I've tried. Also to consider is the thickness of insulation, anti-microphonic material, any shielding, decoration, etc.

    All that said, the only cable I've made for the MJ2 was with 21awg wire, but it had no sleeving or anything, so it didn't look oversized.
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  5. Sound Eq
    i wonder why there is lack of comparison with other headphones like dharma or lcd2, I am interested in the JP1 because I like bass, but i hope that mids and highs present as well
  6. barondla
    The Mitchell & Johnson JP1 headphones haven't been out a year. It takes time to get reviews. Not sure why the few reviews haven't compared to LCD2 or Dharma. Perhaps the reviewers didn't have those phones in house at the time? I have only been to one small Head-Fi meet. Didn't see either of those phones. Saw and listened to Sennheiser HD800, Focal Utopia, top Hifiman, etc. I have the MJ2 so can't help you a lot.

    Do you live in the US? There are M&J dealers that could let you audition them. M&J posts frequency response charts of all their headphone models. You might also go to the Headfonics review and ask if they have impressions vs the other headphones.

    The M&J will have mids and highs. They are 2 way phones. The GL2 are warmer than MJ2 and they have a more midhall sound. Think warm set tube amp. They still have extended highs.

    The MJ2 are closer to neutral in the bass (still a little warmer than absolute neutral) and bring the mids more forward. There are plenty of high frequencies. They sound like they go up forever. Detailed but effortless like only electrets/electrostats can do. The initial attack and decay are unbeatable on electrets/electrostats. The JP1 is supposed to be a MJ2 with a little more bass. Same electret mid and high frequency driver.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. willsw
    The LCD2 would be a good comparison to make, though I don't have access to a pair, nor have I spent much time with them. The Dharma I'm a little more familiar with, and consider it, at twice the price of the most expensive M&J, basically the next level of refinement of the technology. If M&J did want to expand upwards in price I don't doubt that they could make a headphone as good or better than the Dharma, but in my listening that has been my opinion.

    What I like about the M&J line (the JP1 actually being my least favorite) is that each headphone does give a slightly different flavor, I enjoy listening to all kinds of music on them, especially as they respond well to EQ, and I wear them while walking around without a second thought, which I would not do with the Dharma. There are plenty of tiny nitpicks I have, from the privileged place of being a reseller, and have let M&J know, and I hope that an eventual 2nd generation does appear with more refinements, because those could be even more impressive.
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  8. barondla
    Nice points willsw. Do you find the JP1 warmer in the bass than the GL2? I find the GL2 bass sounds fairly linear. There is just more of it. Is the JP1 similar or does it have a more punchy bass emphasis? Thanks.
  9. dudsti
  10. trellus
  11. barondla
    Does anyone use wax or other treatments on their headphone's wood ear cups to preserve them? The Mitchell & Johnson GL2SE and MJ2 are my first wooden headphones.
  12. RockStar2005
    I don't. That isn't a bad idea though. I have the Meze 99 Classics, which also has wooden ear cups. But they come already stained. I read somewhere the staining process takes 18 mos, so I'd be afraid to mess with that by putting something else on them. lol

    I do however sometimes use leather cream/lotion on my ear cups if they are leather. Even pleather can benefit from those creams too. For that I always use Lexol Leather Conditioner. Very well-rated! I believe the M&J headphones have genuine leather ear pads too right?
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  13. barondla
    you might ask Meze if they recommend anything for their wood ear cups.
    Not sure if the M&J ear pads are leather. They look like leather or at least pleather. Don't recall them mentioning the material in any of their descriptions or advertising. Not as worried about the ear pads since they are easily replaced. The wood ear cups are forever.
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  14. RockStar2005
    Ok I will do that and let you know.

    Yeah not sure either on the M&J.
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  15. RockStar2005
    I heard back from Meze on the wood ear cups thing. These are the 2 messages I got from them:

    1) Thank you for contacting us.
    You can protect the wood by applying a small amount of wood furniture cream with a cotton cloth, once a month is enough.
    If you have any questions or if there is anything else I can help you with, please reach out to me without hesitation.

    2) Depending on your location, how dry or wet is the air, you can do that once every 3 months or ones a year or ones a month, depending on where you using the, ( sun, sand, dust etc ) I can not tell you exactly,

    The wood has a surface coating.
    I can not tell you how the wood will look after 5-10 year, but if you use the case for them when you don't use them the wood should be fine.

    If you have any other questions or if there is anything else I can help you with, please reach out to me without hesitation.

    Hope that helps!
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