MIT Cables "Vero" is a Headphone Cabling System
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Aug 26, 2014
When Bruce Brisson, Founder and President of MIT Cables, first came out with the Vero Headphone cable project, he called it a “Headphone Cabling System”, meaning that there would be many pieces included in the full line of the Vero headphone cables that will work together to bring the most out of your headphones. The first of these cables; the Vero Full Range cable, the Vero Universal Dongle and the Vero Bass Dongle, were released last month on our Indiegogo Campaign. MIT Cables has now begun work on an adapter prototype, another piece in the Vero Cabling System. The Vero "Adapter" will also include MIT technology

The term “adapter” is basically what we consider a “dongle” in our Vero line, and many of our Vero Indiegogo backers have been asking if we will be adding an adapter perk to the Vero Indiegogo campaign? The Answer is “Yes”. 

The Vero “adapter” will house one of the technologies that has been used in MIT’s Reference Category of Products for years. This technology reduces all forms of extraneous noise generated by such things as your digitizer, amplifier or passive elements found within your audio or headphone systems.

We have always believed that Vero would be a line of headphone cables and dongles that would interact with each other and work together to bring out the best in the music that you listen to as well as the headphones that you use. 

Unlike most headphone cables on the market today, Vero includes various MIT technologies that makes each cable unique in its application. The Full Range Vero cable occupies a single network, with poles of articulation spanning across the 20hz - 20khz spectrum. The Vero Universal Dongle houses the same network, but can be used with any stock headphone cable or fixed cable headphones and is not limited to specific manufacturers, models or types, while the Vero Bass Dongle can be used as an addition to both the Vero Full Range Cable and the Vero Standard Universal Dongle to enhance lower frequency articulation.

The MIT Technology that will be included within the Vero “Adapter” will reduce the noise floor and increase the low level detail. Listeners often refer to this as creating a “blacker” background.  A blacker background is generated by removing unwanted extraneous noise.  With the noise removed, timbres and textures are more accurately heard, while sound staging and images within the sound stage are also enhanced. The term ‘Holographic’ is often used to describe what the listener hears.

We will be adding our Vero Adapter perk soon to our Indiegogo campaign, and the prices will be similar if not the same to the Vero Universal Dongle. We will also offer our MIT Buyers Club members a Secret Perk price option, so if you are not a Buyers Club member and have not opted in to our Vero Updates, you might want to do so quickly as we will send out an e-blast announcing the new perks very soon! 

We have also tossed around the idea of introducing a Vero Full Range Reference Cable to the mix. We know we will producing this cable at some point, and may decide to add it as an upgrade to the Vero Indiegogo Campaign. 
If you have not checked out the Vero Indiegogo campaign yet, there are just a couple weeks left! 

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