Mississauga/North Toronto meet
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As a continuation to the GTA part 2 meet thread, I'm starting this thread to organize the whos and wherefores of the next meet. What I'd like from you is: 1)your confirmation that you will attend (assuming no conflicting dates); and 2) your vote for the meet's location.

I'm trying to book the location for the last weekend in march...

I'm obviously in, and I'm voting for North Toronto (Bathurst and Steeles).
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I'm all for Mississauga, as was stated in the other thread I could book the Party Room in my building.
I don't think I will bother if it's in North Toronto, no car = Transit = 1-2 hrs. travel! If it's near a subway stop then I'm probably going!
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the north T.O. location is a stone's throw from Bathurst and Steeles in NY, 1 bus ride direct from Finch Station (Steeles West #60 bus).
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I'm in, and I'd prefer to have it in TO, though could handle Mississauga if I got a ride.
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Originally Posted by Hellenback /img/forum/go_quote.gif
North T.O. for me, but I'd likely go regardless!

It'll be good to see you again, Tony. I've amassed a small collection of nicely remastered Classic Rock since the last meet. You'll have to have a listen!
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Count me in....North T.O. preferred.

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