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    All stuff will be started on shipping from next Thursday, June 28th... I'll reply to questions related to stuff in this thread from next Wednesday.

    A. Pads:
    A1. Dekoni Beyer Sheepskin pads used in great condition:
    Currently installed on some Hifiman cans. Selling because I like a bit more opening in the cup.

    A2. Dekoni HD6xx perforated sheepskin pads used in great condition.
    Pictures not taken. It doesn't look perfectly flat though, but that's how they came like. I'm the second owner. They sit perfectly on a HD600 and sound perfect with it. Selling because I may get some cheap HD600 earpads that cost only 10 bucks on ebay and save the money for my beer money to enjoy the soccer games this summer.

    Same price HD6xx Dekoni hybrid pads at $45.

    A3. MrSpeakers Electrostat pads used in great condition
    Pictures not taken. It doesn't look perfectly flat though, but that's how they came like. I'll take pictures upon your asking and procrastinate for now.

    A4&A5. SRH 1540 Atlancara pads used once or twice only. & Earzonk G cush brand new, untouched in bag.
    Pictures not taken because they are like new and pictures will only deteriorate the real condition they are in.

    A6. ZMF pilot pads for thin headbands.
    I find this one working very well with Grado mods. I just don't like the design too much.

    A7. A Grado style custom leather headband strap, black.

    A8. Leather band for Grados.

    B. Cables:
    A Peterek DHC OCC Litz cable, 6', 1/4'' TRS, connectors, jack and splitter are Eidolic brand. MSRP is $255 with 1 month waiting, I sell cheap. Connector does not work well with HD700 it's a tad short, but it will work flawlessly with other headphones with dual 2.5mm connectors.

    A Cardas Clear cable Mrspeakers 4’ 3.5mm.

    A balanced cable for HD6xx from Corpse cables.
    A balanced cable for HD6xx from Periapt cables.

    A like new in packaging Fiio RC-MH1, a perfect 3.5mm to 3.5mm OCC cable for Fidelio X2. 4'

    A VE - Massdrop cable, dual 2.5mm for Hifiman/HD700, 4-XLR balanced, about 6'

    For trading, I am looking for a pair of Hifiman Focus pads or Focus A pads in at least great condition, a pair of Grado L cushions in at least like new condition, a QP2R case, a 2.5mm TRRS to 4-XLR adapter, better with some impedance with it so I can connect some IEMs to my balanced desktop amp.

    Shipping in US only.
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