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***** MINT LCD-3F (2015) *****

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by preproman, Jun 22, 2015.
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  1. preproman
    For Sale
    I'm selling my wonderful pair of LCD-3F (2015).  These are in MINT condition.  They are not even fully broken in yet.  I just don't give these any head time.  
    Never had any issue with the drivers at all.  These work, look and sound great.  
    These come with a few extras.
    Along with the Brown Vegan headband and ear pads that came with them, I'm also throwing in:
    1.  Brown Leather Headband (New)
    2.  Brown Leather Ear Pads (New)
    3.  Suspension Strap for Audeze by Lohb (New)
    Buyer pays shipping and pay pal fees.
  2. cradon
    What, no upgraded cables?
  3. strreamix
    could you post the sinusoidal please?
  4. preproman
    What is the sinusoidal?
    Not on these.  Only the two stock cables.
  5. strreamix
    The frequency graph that Audeze included with the headphones
  6. preproman
    O let me checlk.  I'm sure I could get another one.
  7. strreamix
    Well, if the graph is to my liking I would be interested, post it if available.
  8. preproman
    Graph posted with other pictures above.
  9. Faithless

    Payment DONE.

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