MINT - 64 Audio Fourte $2600 shipped!

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ceeloChamp, Jul 5, 2018.
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    Hey All,

    I have for sale a pair of mint Fourtes, they have been used very very lovingly, kept in a hard case, and wrapped with a sunglasses cloth. Never dropped, never dinged and are 4 months old...I will include a full set of Symbio Mandarin tips, because I think they are the best possible tips for the Fourte and because, yes I know one pair of tips is missing from the box. Comes will all original accessories and is STILL WITHIN WARRANTY (probably for some time to come)

    I LOVED these headphones, loved them. There were the best pair of IEMs I've personally ever heard and I'll be sad to let them go. I am selling them to finance a motorcycle, and I have a pair of custom IEMs that personally scratches my music itch for the time being.

    These are priced to move, and I will not accept less.

    I also have a Mint Effect Audio Lionheart 4.4mm that I personally found to be the best pairing with the Fourte and I will include that cable also for an extra $350 (it has been used as little as the IEMs and was $500 new).

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  2. ceeloChamp
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  3. notorious4163
    Hey I just created an account for this post! I am interested! I am waiting for an admin to verify me so that I can pm you with my contact information. I can pay Venmo/Cash/Paypal.
  4. ceeloChamp
    Price drop, will ship fourtes with insurance for $2650, this price includes symbio mandarin tips as well
  5. aaf evo
    Great price. GLWS
  6. Somatics
    I am using the Symbio Mandarins on my U18s and really like them for their improved isolation in an increasingly noisy co-working space. Can you describe your personal reasoning and audio choices for using them on the Fourtes please? I am interested in buying your IEMs if the tips tame the shrill high end that I perceived when I demo'd the Fourte. Cheers!
  7. ceeloChamp
    @Somatics i’ve Found that foam tips tone the fourte’s treble down quite a lot, they are almost mandatory. The symbios accomplish the same thing that foam tips do, but with what I feel is a better fit/sound. Having said that the Fourte is still a treble oriented IEM and because of that they are still going to have highs, if you find the highs are still too much a good cable pairing can help fine-tune the IEM.
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  8. bden59
    After a few hours brain will "burn-in". Highs are so good on Fourte, no need to tame them. Just listened Hidden Orchestra - Archipelago again on Fourte. To tell you the truth, it was awesome...
  9. ceeloChamp

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