Minnesota Meet 2020
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Just gauging the interest. I can host like last time if in a Roseville park building (with a Gofundme and all). If someone else wants to host elsewhere, that is perfectly fine as well! Just let myself and everyone know if you want to host by posting here in this thread.

I'll try to tag various users in this post so that they may see this and we can get something going.

@Paul Schliep @Eggplant @howdy @nnordstr @Cirkustanz @bearFNF @Krutsch @Noman74656 @Bagged Milk @Hansotek @LeMoviedave @DisCHORDDubstep @Artemis32 @azeral @calebthelion @iotad @boneburglar @comzee @DarthMarth @Hibuckhobby @Lewis Li @Montyburns @Spedinfargo @RemoteFerret @viveksaikia22 @Xanthophyll

If I missed anyone, I'm sorry! If anyone knows anyone else, feel free to tag them!

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Thanks to those who have replied!

I'll wait until this Friday to hear back from the others that I've tagged. I'll send a private group message this Saturday just to be sure they've gotten notified. I'll hope to have received some more replies by next Wednesday, the 22nd, and carry on next Friday, the 24th. Please let us know even if you can't make it!

Also, here's the information on availability on the Roseville park buildings: http://www.cityofroseville.com/2952/29459/Building-Availability

The three buildings to look at are the Autumn Grove (the one hosted at last year), Lexington, and Rosebrook. Parking for the Oasis, Sandcastle, and Villa park buildings are pretty abysmal from what I can remember. The demand is fairly high for the weekends so getting a good date depends on how soon we can get some things solidified.

**That said, what days work best for you guys? Time of day? I'm pretty much good on the weekends with a preference on Sundays. I'm good throughout the morning and afternoon.
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If it is on a weekend then i can join in.
I can bring in all the gears mentioned in my signature.
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I can usually make sundays work, just depends on whether my wife is working or not
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Saturday or Sunday. I will be there. Thanks for setting this up.
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I should be able to make it. Really depends on the date.
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