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Minneapolis Meet July 20th 12PM-5PM @ The Needle Doctor

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  1. kvtaco17
    Hey guys! I've been in contact (spending a lot of money) with Ken at the Needle Doctor in St.Louis Park Mn and he is open to letting us use his shop for a meet. Please feel free to post if you can come (I need some sort of head count) I would also like to maybe start posting what gear you are bringing.
    I am bringing...
    Grado PS500
    Rs1-80 (mutant mod creation)
    Sr225i (again another creation)
    Audio Technica AD900x
    Beyer DT990
    O2 amp
    and if I really have to I can bring along the Magni and Modi... (the wife uses them a lot... would have to pry them away from her cold dead hands lol)
  2. DarthMarth
    Well, I picked the right time to check if there was a headphone meet in Minnesota...and this time, I have a setup others will actually want to listen to! I can bring:
    Sennheiser HD800
    Sennheiser HD650
    Sennheiser HD555
    Sennheiser HD438
    Sennheiser HD201 (I'm kind of a Sennheiser fan...)
    Beyerdynamic DT990
    Audio Technica ATH-AD700
    For amps:
    3-board β22
    Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball upgrade
    Objective 2 (this one is cabled to my desk at work so I'd rather not bring it if OP has one)
    And my DAC:
    HRT MusicStreamer II+
  3. kvtaco17
    I do have one!
  4. kvtaco17
    So we have the Grado guy and the Sennheiser guy lol  (My other lover is Audio Technica lol)
  5. snapple10
    This is great!!
    I am attempting to downsize but will probably still have:

    More a Denon /Fostex fan:) - will bring a couple- if anybody is interested in hearing them

    Beyerdynamic t1, t5p
    Ultrasone sig. Pro
    RSA Intruder
    Fostex hp-p1
    Venturecraft Go Dap-x

    Depending on space for gears, at the site and in my car, can bring which ever tube amp I have , if anybody is interested
  6. Speakerphile
    I'll be there!  I will post a gear list once we get a little closer to the date.  [​IMG]
  7. fishski13
    thanks kvtaco17 for setting this up!  i'll bring some amps and HPs, including a BM DAC1/V-link and a fold-up table.    
    i'll bring:
    -ATH AD2000
    -modded Fostex T50RP
    -B22 2 channel (little different build components/pot than DarthMarth's)
    -BM DAC1/V-Link
    i have a fold-up table that will be enough for my gears.
  8. tf1216
    I will bring my JH3A setup and maybe a pair of Audeze headphones.  I need to find the right setup for these headphones first.. 
    kvtaco17 likes this.
  9. kvtaco17

    I'm very interested to hear the ad2000's
  10. fishski13
    the ad2000 are my go to cans.  i'll bring a 120R impedance dongle for the K701 for anyone who wants to hear how increasing amplifier output impedance can affect the freq response of headphones.
  11. DarthMarth
    Note: I will be coming by bus (keeping my thousands of dollars worth of audio equipment safely concealed) and would appreciate not having to bring a table.
  12. Speakerphile
    ^^Having never been to one of these, is bringing a table expected?  I don't have a table, so knowing this ahead of time would be helpful.  
  13. kvtaco17
    I got a small card table you can share with me I'm only bringing my laptop, a few small amps and dacs and 5 cans(I have a storage chest to keep thing organized and out of the way), if that won't work space wise I'm sure someone will share space with you.
  14. kvtaco17

    same goes with you lol we will make space!
  15. kvtaco17
    I'd really like to compare these to the AD900x that I currently love to death! (my PS500 is the only can I own that I like better)
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