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Minneapolis meet 2019

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  1. Feilong4
    Sorry to hear that. Hope to see you at the next meet whenever that may be!
  2. nnordstr
    Hello All,

    I'm looking at selling my Bottlehead S.E.X. amp that I brought to the meet and I'd like to sell it locally. I don't want to pack it up. If anyone is interested or knows of someone who might let me know. PM me. Thanks.
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  3. Cirkustanz
    I have the same thought with a set of monoprice m1060's, revision 2 (with the better cables, etc). Never really liked them, but never got around to selling them when they were still hot. I have barely used them, maybe 10 hours of play at most excellent condition. I even have the insanely large case/box, and even the plastic wrap that the box was shipped in.

    Cash works, and I'm open to trades. :)
  4. viveksaikia22
    Seems like I already missed the meet. Any plans of doing it again anytime soon?
    I can bring all my portable/desktop gear (from the signature) and would like to try other some other options.
  5. boneburglar
    I'm also interested, since unfortunately I couldn't make it to the last one
  6. Krutsch
    Same here... actually, I missed this whole thread and didn't even know it was happening.

    If there is interest, I can arrange a primo meeting space, here: https://www.industriousoffice.com/minneapolis/north-loop

    Lots of outlets, refrigerators for snacks... the main common area has tables, couches, chairs. No one would need to bring anything but their gear.

    Interested, local Minne-s-o-o-o-h-h-h-tans?
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  7. boneburglar
    That looks really cool! I'm interested, but it would have to be before the 27th and I would have to by chance not be working that day for me to go, not that that should be a deciding factor.
  8. calebthelion
    I am definitely down for another meet
  9. Eggplant
    I would probably be in for more, why not! :beyersmile:
  10. howdy
    I'm in but my main interest is Bluetooth. I still have and X5iii my CIEMs but have Audeze iSine20 with IPod touch.
  11. nnordstr
    I'm in for another meet up.
  12. Krutsch
    OK, we are at 5 (6 including me). If I see some more attendees, I will put forward some details and proposed dates.
  13. Feilong4
    I may be able to come though I won't know until nearing the date whenever that may be.

    Curious, does anyone have a Stax energizer (normal bias) that they can bring? If so, I can bring my Beyerdynamic ET1000. Complications from the difference in bias voltage aside, the ET1000 should at least be able to operate.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
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  14. Xanthophyll
    New member here: I saw Stereoland mentioned earlier in the thread, has there ever been a meet-up there? If so, how did it go? Any chance for another one there?
  15. comzee
    I wasn't able to make it the last one, but am interested in one before it starts snowing.
    I'm able to bring a custom pentode headamp, a 2a3 headamp, master 7 (modded / upgraded), and an Ear Dacute (modded).
    Basically just want to bring a few of my high end items that maybe not many people have heard.

    Not many people ever come to these MN meets, so I'm almost wondering if someone could host it in their house for 2-4 hours.
    I would volunteer myself, but I'm moving out of my house 9/30 and I doubt we could get anybody to agree on a date before that.

    Or, if anybody wants to have an impromptu meet in the next 2 weeks, PM me and we can do a small one at my place. I'd say max 6-10 people, those that can being hi-end gear prioritized.
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