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Minneapolis meet 2019

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  1. Feilong4
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  2. nnordstr
    Nice work, again, Feilong4.
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  3. Feilong4
    Alright, I just shot an email to presumably the park manager listed on the site requesting the location and asking some questions.

    Here are some of the questions I asked:

    - Are there bathrooms?
    - Are we allowed to bring snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic beverages)?
    - How many tables and chairs are provided?

    I asked a few other questions regarding the total cost and other technical questions.

    Any other questions you guys would like me to ask?
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  4. azeral
    Number/location of outlets? Location perhaps less critical with extensions, but would be good to know if we have a couple on different walls.
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  5. Feilong4
    I'll try and drop by sometime this week to check that (assuming the building isn't locked when not in use).

    Otherwise, I'll ask that when I get a response.
  6. Feilong4
    I've got a response from the park manager (Christian Swanberg).

    All 3 buildings that I mentioned are booked on May 5th to my surprise.

    However, it seems like May 12th (the following Sunday) is open for the Autumngrove Park Building, and so I will go through with that date unless many are unable to attend that day.

    EDIT: I totally forgot May 12th is Mother's Day haha. The other available date is May 26th right before Memorial Day at the Autumngrove Park Building.

    Edit 2: I should also add that all 3 buildings are fully booked for the months of June and July besides the Rosebrooke building on June 23rd.

    I will message everyone to have a better idea of attendance. I think I shot everyone a message here on Head-Fi. Sorry if I missed someone - let me know via PM or here on this thread if I missed you.

    Also, I've yet to drop by the Autumngrove Park Building to check up on the electrical outlets. I'll try to do that tomorrow.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
  7. DarthMarth
    I could still make it.
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  8. Paul Schliep
    I believe I can still make it
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  9. Feilong4
    I stopped by the Autumngrove park building. The main room is a bit smaller than I expected but should still be a good amount of room. There is a separate "warming room" which is smaller but can also be used as well.

    I counted 8 electrical outlets in the main room. I couldn't fully see the warming room but I saw at least a couple in there.

    I would advise to bring in your own power strips and other electrical cords if you plan to set up a station.

    Also to those who have not responded to my message yet, please do let me know whether you can or cannot attend on May 26th. I would like to know by this Sunday (April 21st) at the latest. So far, I've heard back from 8 of 21 people. Please let me know so I know how many people to expect, or to reschedule if a low turn-out is expected.

    Christian (park manager) tells me that reservations are made upon payment, so that date is not guaranteed until the payment has been made. If we expect a decent turn-out (again by letting me know through my PM or here on this thread), I can go ahead and start a GoFundMe on Monday, April 22nd. I will end the GoFundMe as soon as the goal is reached.

    EDIT: If you haven't yet, please subscribe to this thread and check the circle, "and receive email notifications" so that you get updates from this thread instantly. The "subscribe" button is near the top of this thread under the search bar that says "Search this thread".
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
  10. Eggplant
    I should still be able to make it.
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  11. Feilong4
    So far I have heard back from 11 of 21 people on whether or not they can attend. I'd like even a simple, "I'm not sure yet". Please let me know by tomorrow.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
  12. nnordstr
    I'm in.
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  13. LeMoviedave
    I'm sorry. I didn't know yet.
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  14. Feilong4
    As of now, 12 people out of 21 people have let me know whether or not they can come. I'll extend this until Wednesday. I'll drop a message to those that haven't replied yet tomorrow.
  15. Spedinfargo
    Apologies for not replying to the thread (if I'm one of the 21). I broke my damn foot a few weeks ago and am unable to drive so no spontaneous trip to the Cities for me unfortunately. Now, if someone is planning on showing up with a pair of Stellias, might have to reconsider :wink:
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