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Minneapolis meet 2019

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  1. calebthelion
    Nice! This will be an excellent opportunity for you then.
  2. boneburglar
    Just replying to make sure that this thread doesn't die.
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  3. Feilong4
    Right. I think we should start talks on a specific date, hours, and location. I can pretty do most days on the weekends.

    To everyone here:

    Since we were shooting for late April/early May, how about April 27th or 28th, or May 4th or 5th?

    As for hours, I guess it would depend on the location and on that note, it seems like the Roseville park building barely edges out in the poll a page back on this thread. I'd just like to check if most people are ok with a Roseville park building for the location. Please leave a comment saying whether or not that's ok with you. If anyone here plans to come but hasn't voted, I'd encourage voting on the poll here: https://www.strawpoll.me/17546416/r

    If the majority decides that renting a Roseville park building is ok, I can go ahead and contact the guy to see which buildings are available for the date and hours that we want. I can then get back on how much it would cost for us to rent. If we decide to go through with this, I would like to know if anyone has suggestions as to how we can pitch in to pay for rental. Not entirely sure if anyone's comfortable to have one specific person handle the rental payment, meaning we send a small contribution to him or her say via PayPal and then have them pay for the rental. If we decide that is fine, I can try to handle that. I have my trader feedback here on Head-Fi as some source of credibility :wink: Of course, if anyone else volunteers to handle it, that is perfectly ok with me given that you also have some source of credibility.
  4. boneburglar
    I personally would be taking public transport, but Roseville is gonna have better parking I think. Needle Doctor is the better hobby hub, but parking sucks if I remember correctly.

    Any of those days work for me though surprisingly.
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  5. DarthMarth
    Just realized I should respond to this. I am interested! The April dates would be difficult/impossible for me, the May ones should work.
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  6. comzee
    I'd be interested in going. Check my profile for a list of gear I could bring.
    As long as it's a weekend there's a 95% chance I can go. Also I'm down for Needle Doctor too, doesn't hurt that I'm 5 minutes away from it :)
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
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  7. boneburglar
    Your profile seems to be private for me.

    Not at you specifically but if anyone has ZMF stuff I would be psyched to try that, specifically the Atticus.
  8. comzee
    Thanks, fixed that.
  9. calebthelion
    If I’m able to go, I have bothe the Atticus and Auteur that you can try out
  10. boneburglar
    That would be great!
    Sadly, I don't have much of equal caliber to bring hehe
  11. Feilong4
    Edit: I will send a PM to everyone who has replied on this thread and on the Reddit thread to follow-up.

    To sort-of drive some things along, I'd like a follow-up on everyone who wants to attend. It seems like in the strawpoll as of now, the majority votes for the meet to be held at a Roseville building (by one vote, might I add).

    Of the available park buildings, there are 3 buildings that I think are good. I think Autumn Grove Park would be the most ideal in terms of space within the building and parking. Lexington Park is a close second though there is a bit of walk from the parking lot to the building (though not too long, just a thing to consider for those who plan to haul a lot of things). The third option is Rosebrooke Park but most of us will have to park on the street. You guys can click on the links to look at the streetviews on Google Maps.

    If there are no objections as for this being the location, I can go ahead and email the guy in charge of the Roseville park buildings, and try to make a reservation. Considering from the few that have replied on the topic of dates, I will be shooting for Sunday, May 5th unless there are quite a number of folks who won't be able to make it that day.

    Again, here is the link to the information of the various buildings: https://www.cityofroseville.com/2804/Park-Buildings

    Here is my proposition:
    - Sunday, May 5th
    - Autumn Grove Park
    - 11 AM to 4 PM (start putting things away around 3:15-3:30 PM)

    Things to consider:
    - Park building rental - $155 for 3 hours, $225 for 5 hours; I'm thinking 5 hours to accommodate people who may come in later. I'll stay for the whole time to open and close up.
    - Entering and leaving - if I recall correctly, we are unable to enter into the park building earlier than the designated time. We will have to start cleaning up accordingly to our reserved hours.
    - Snacks, drinks, etc. - You can bring your own snacks and beverages to share (well, I'll have to ask the park manager to confirm if this is ok). As with most park rentals, I don't think they allow alcoholic beverages though.
    - Equipment - I believe there are tables and chairs available for us to use. I'm not sure how many there are of either, so I will ask on that. I would bring a table just in case. If you plan to bring your own equipment, be sure to bring the necessary power cables (extensions, power strips, etc).

    As for handling the park building rental, I'm thinking of setting up a GoFundMe to cover the necessary costs. I'll be able to get a more specific total once I get in touch with the park manager. You guys can donate however much you want, if you want, and I guess I will cover the remaining costs if we go this route. I'm also open to suggestions for pitching-in to cover for the rental.

    I plan to contact the park manager by this Sunday or April 14th upon hearing back from you guys.

    What I am asking for:
    - Please do make a suggestion, voice a concern, etc about anything I've mentioned above if you have any. Please also just comment so I know that there are still people interested.
    - Please also comment here or PM me if you may be able to make a donation if I were to make a GoFundMe.
    - If you have created a GoFundMe before, I would be very grateful if you would help guide me through the processes of creating one.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
  12. howdy
    If this snow gets out of here soon and in enough time ill be at my camper but if they don't open in time I can definitely make it. So I'm going to say, tentative for now.
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  13. azeral
    Still following this & interested; all of the details work for me.
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  14. Artemis32
    Should work for me, is it okay if my parents came? They're not really comfortable with me going alone.
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  15. LeMoviedave
    I'm down with May 5th! And all are welcome.
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