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Minneapolis meet 2019

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  1. LeMoviedave
    I didn't see a Minneapolis 2019 meet thread yet, so I thought I might start one. Spring perhaps? Once this damn snow goes away.
  2. azeral
    I'm down for this as well.
    Any insights as to why we don't see more meet interest here?
  3. LeMoviedave
    Well, it could be that you now have to make a new thread instead of just continuing the old one. Let's keep this one going and see who might jump on.
  4. Hibuckhobby
    Sounds interesting. Could bring an Amps and Sound Leeloo.
  5. LeMoviedave
    Let's see who bites. The way this winter has been going, I say we shoot for the end of April at the earliest. That way, less chance of snow, and more likely more people will have found this thread.
  6. Montyburns
    I would love to attend a meet, snow or no snow!
  7. Feilong4
    I can try to attend. Any ideas on location? I'm not sure when the last local Head-Fi meet was, but the one I attended 3 or so years ago was at the Needle Doctor.

    I don't mind it there but if there's another location that can host closer to St. Paul, that'll be great! Depending on what you guys think of course.
  8. LeMoviedave
    I am out in the sticks, and have been out of the game for a while, so I am not the one to plan this. I was just hoping to get the ball rolling on something.
  9. Feilong4
    Might we also try to spark some interest on the headphones subreddit? I can make a post there if you guys are ok with that.

    I know at least a couple of folks there that are local who may be interested.
    azeral likes this.
  10. Paul Schliep
    Yeah, I'd definitely be interested in attending. Thanks Feilong for the heads up!
    Needle doctor is great. We can also look into stereoland near Eden Prairie or audio perfection in Richfield
    Feilong4 likes this.
  11. Feilong4
    Oh I just remembered some potential locations though they're essentially just park buildings. They may fit more people if we expect a bigger turn out. Also got a separate area if some want to bring in snacks or refreshments. Three years ago, I remember the Needle Doctor got a bit packed as more folks came in.

    Here's some examples of the buildings: https://www.cityofroseville.com/2804/Park-Buildings

    Doesn't have to be in Roseville in particular. Just throwing out ideas. This may work if we can pitch in and help with the costs in renting a building.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  12. LeMoviedave
    Sounds like some good ideas here.
  13. Montyburns
    Agreed. Those buildings in Roseville are attractive. Look like they have plenty of power outlets space. Having a view outside seems to give a little extra to my headphone listening sometimes.
    Feilong4 likes this.
  14. azeral
    For those of us who haven't been able to participate in the past, how were the logistics of venue handled last time (thinking of business hosting specifically).

    The park buildings also look good as an option. I would be able to contribute here, should this shake out to be the best path.
  15. calebthelion
    I’d definitely be down to attend a meet
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