Minneapolis 2018 Summer meetup?

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  1. Cirkustanz
    Hello party people...

    I'm curious if anyone would be interest in a Minneapolis meetup.

    Personally, I've been trying to find someone local who has a pair of Fiio FH1 or Ibasso IT01's to demo for me, without much luck!
  2. Eggplant
  3. nnordstr
    It looks like that thread is locked. I'd be interested in a meet up.
  4. howdy
    Anything set in stone yet? I hate the new way they do it here as the old thread is locked and no one can see this without a search.
  5. MadSounds
    there was some very mild interest in Madison, anyone interested should probably post there.

    I'm actually from Milwaukee, Minneapolis is a bit on the far side for driving to a headphone meet, but I'd probably do it.

    Got a NOS11 and Code-6, need to here some other gear before doubling down on the speaker amp.
Thread Status:
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