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Minimum DAC/Amp for a HifiMan HE-500

  1. gustavoghd
    I was planning on buying a HE-400 and using it with a FiiO E7 DAC(already have) and buying a FiiO E09K, but then i thought a little more and now I'm studying the possibility to go for a HE-500.
    The problem is that after a bit of research I've found that the HE-500 needs a much better dac/amp combo than the HE-400 and my budget for it is low.
    The question is. What is the minimum dac/amp to not "waste" the HE-500 quality?
    Is it possible to get a decent quality with E7+E09K, Schiit Modi+Magni or anything else below 200USD ?
    I'm using at the moment a Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm connected to a FiiO E7 DAC/Amp.
    ps: sorry for asking this "again". I did a lot of research in this forum but I still think I need some more information...
  2. meyner
    a lot of people prefer the lyr amp but from what i heard a asgard is good enough when it comes to minimum requirements. You should be able to find them for under 200 dollars on the sales forum.
  3. Shazb0t
    I've heard you can get away with the Magni. I've used the o2 with my 500, which has less power, and feel it does a good job.
  4. gustavoghd
    My E7 is the old version, which is 16 bit 48 Khz. Dont know if it is good to keep using it on a future upgrade. 

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