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May 28, 2004
I've decided against getting any hdd mp3 player now. I'm going to sell my ipod and I decided I'll get a minidisc player. I'm going to camp soon and I'll be gone for a month+. By the time I get back the next generation player will possibly be released or will be coming out soon. There's some features the h300s have that I'm going to want, or I can get an h100 series player for a lot cheaper.

Ok so I'm looking for a mini disc player/recorder, I'm not exactly sure what the difference is. Most of my music is in mp3s that I've gotten from so there's no point in getting a cd player. And actual cds I have can be ripped onto md in original quality or as mp3s? Since I'm getting this for camp I don't want to spend to much, but I don't want something to cheap because I will be using this other times and want something that I'll be happy with later on.

I'm going to use this with shure e3s. I think minidiscs usually don't power headphones as well as cd players or mp3 players? So I want something that will power them fine without an amp. I'll probably get an amp later on but not before I go to camp. I can afford pretty muc hany player, but I dont want to take a really expensive player to camp. My limit is about $100 dollars. If there's something that's going to be so much better for more then I might get that. I may go up to $150 but only if it's really worth it. So if anyone has any recommendations let me know.

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Jun 21, 2001
The distinction between MD players and recorders resembles that of the cassette players/recorders: you need a magnetic recording head (plus much higher laser output from the pickup) to be able to write/erase data on the disc. Strictly speaking, an MD "player" doesn't have a recording head, so it can only read from the disc.

Lately Sony has created what some people call "downloaders." These are meant for NetMD use only. Even though there's a recording head, it's only used to write/erase data you check out from the PC. Otherwise the portable behaves like a player, not a recorder. In some cases Sony even removes the encoding capabilities from these units.

However, these "downloaders" will always be a bit thicker, bulkier than the player-onlys, because you have to have the recording head in order to write data. An MP3 player doesn't have this distinction: Solid-state players can still perform "writing" functions if the manufacturer wants it to, and hard drives usually come with writing features anyway.

If this all sounds too complicated... that's why I keep going back to the iPod
Happy shopping!

My pick for your situation.. if I can find a used, cheaper Sharp NetMD unit, I'd run after it like someone stole my body parts

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