mini3 or T4 for PFE?
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Dec 3, 2008
It seems that most people are lurking aroung this forum section rather than in the portable amp section (or response time is shorter here than there) so I'll post my query here. Anyway, I have a which-better-amp question for anyone who has an opinion whether based on short listening experience or ownership. I have a PFE and I want to amp it to achieve the following:

-wider soundstage
-more bass presence/impact/slam
-smoothen out treble that is somewhat spikey/overbright on some tracks
-maintain details and clarity of vocals and strings

I know the PFE has a very good potential based on what I hear from a mere E5 so I would like to invest to a better amp that is affordable yet performs above its price and most importantly has a good synergy with the PFE. I am currently using the black filters as I hear treble harshness using the grays for a longer period. i like the grays better than the black if only i could withstand some slight sibilance with the PFE but I can't that's why i switched (until i could get a new amp...let's see).

Based on my readings here at head-fi which i do almost every minute of the day LOL I've found two great deals for two different amps, T4 and mini3 (by rockhopper). I need to decide at most tomorrow. sorry for late post. if only i could get the MBE+ for a very low price, i will have no questions asked. but for now due to budget constraints, i'll stick with these two.

i'd like to thank ricey20, tstarn06, HPA, mrarrroyo, average_joe, fluffygdog95 and everyone else who have responded to my previous threads. Their responses have helped me a lot with my decisions while in head-fi. Thank you guys!
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What is your source? I also have the PFE with the Fiio E5, and I am really pleased with the sound. I have settled on the gray filters because I find there to be more sibilance with the black filters. I switch back and forth between using my iPod Classic with a LOD connected to the E5 and using my iBasso D3's DAC to feed the E5. FYI, I always have the bass boost enable on the E5.

I know this doesn't help you very much in your decision, but I would also really like to hear from those that have upgraded from the Fiio E5 to another amp. I used to own the Minibox-E (before the "+" model), but at the time I had the PK1 as my portable phones. I may not upgrade amps anytime soon if the E5 keeps sounding this spectacular.
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It's a Fuze via hp out. The E5 for me gets the job done but not for the points i've noted in my first post. it adds a bit of weight to PFE sound and attenuates the whole frequency fairly. And that's it. The PFE just respond to amping really good.
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My T4 has great synergy and is a must companion with my PFE's. Their slight bit of warmth compliments the PFE's (and my other tad bright headphones like AD700) very well and I'd definitely recommend it. And really, after the E5 it's the best you can do value/size wise, which is important if you are taking portability as a big factor.

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