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Mini review: Westone UM2 vs Westone 2

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  1. notgod
    Thank you a lot for such a detailed comparison, kite7!
    Can you please tip on how bigger / thicker W2 is vs UM1?
    Also, is the sound quality not just a little, but times better, like your formula suggests?
  2. kite7 Contributor
    W2 is the same if not a little bigger than the UM1.
    The sound is far better than the UM1. I had the UM1 before and it is not so good. The UM1 is weak at separation; sounds muddy and unresolving. The highs extend noticeably more on the W2. The W2 is a great upgrade from the UM1. It's just better on every level; of all the IEMs I have owned the UM1 is probably amongst the worst sounding ones. If you want a more natural sounding IEM the UM2 is a better choice than the W2.
  3. alv4426
    Great review, I think I may look further into the UM2.From your review I gather that these sound like they have what I thought the W2 were missing and price isn't bad. Was planning on getting UM3X but your mini comparison to them is making me think twice since I'm not much of a basshead either.
  4. kite7 Contributor
    Definitely do consider the UM2; the UM3x is not what I call a definitive upgrade from the UM2 . The model number may be higher but it does not indicate anything better sound wise other than a higher price and an extra driver. UM3x is not what I can call balanced sounding, not even close. I don't hear the UM2 doing anything glaringly wrong unlike the UM3x.
  5. alv4426
    ordered already [​IMG]...  thru earphonesolutions, should have my UM2RC amp'd tomorrow
  6. lemontree5544

    My first pair of audiophile earphones were the UM2s which I bought in 2004. Since then, I have tried using the UM3x, the Westone 2,3,4 and I still finding myself coming back to the UM2.
    The soundstage may not be as wide, but somehow I like the UM2's sound better. 
    So.. fully agreed there!
  7. Spyro
    The UM2's are more musical than UM3X.  UM3X has better instrument separation and covers the frequency range slightly better but I'd take UM2 in every other regard.  Tonality is perfect.  The note thickness, decay and timbre is outstanding.  Only GR10 beats it in vocals IMHO.
  8. WaLaoEh
    Awesome review dude! I think the UM2 is gonna be my new best friend soon. :)
  9. kite7 Contributor
    Sold my Westone 2, keeping UM2. The only thing I prefer on Westone 2 is the width of the soundstage but other than that, it's a wipe by the UM2.
  10. Spyro


    Not sure what player you are using but with my Ipod Classic I use treble booster it is a really, really nice sound.  Very under rated IEM IMHO.
  11. csommers


    :) I just ordered some Monday; coming tomorrow. I know they had a lot of reviews back in the day, but I haven't seen much lately, so I'll try an put up a review in a week or two (work permitting) 
  12. kite7 Contributor


    I am using a sansa clip zip with EQ on flat. I like the treble the way it is with bi-flange; if I want more mids I switch to shure black olives. I don't get it when I read a long time ago that the UM2 sounds boring, never once did that cross my mind listening to it.
  13. mugen3
    kite7 thanks for writing this review. The W2 were the first IEMs that I bought and I liked them a lot, but I thought they could be a little more full and fun sounding. Your write up made me go buy the UM2 and I'm not disappointed at all. These are very fun and natural sounding IEMs.
  14. kite7 Contributor


    Glad it helped, I'm still really pleased with the UM2; A joy to listen to.
  15. Azathoth
    Excellent review dude, nice to see some praise for the UM2, I hardly read much about them as well as the UM1. Having tried the W1, W2, W3 and UM3X in the past and never really doing it for me, I think the UM2 might just be the BA IEM that will complement my VSONIC GR07. It's also bad for my wallet that the UM2 is available in my country for a good price... [​IMG]
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