[Mini Review] Bass Earphone
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Dec 19, 2004
Hello guys,

I was able to acquire this new baby just recently, and thought I'd make a review. For those who are unfamiliar, this is a new product in the market, and is slowly making it's appearance on the net.

About myself:
I'm fan of in-earbud headphones, and a lover of Sony's sound. I can say I am very obsessed with bass, and also love my little super.fi 5 eb's. (costed a fortune
) I mostly listen to trance and house.

Anyways, I will start off with some photos I took with the camera.



It's mostly black, with a trim of silver. Overall, it's a pretty plain looking earbud. However, I prefer plain design as it reduces your change of being robbed on the street.
It did not come with different size covers as I have hoped. But, the covers from my CX300 fitted snugly.

The mp3 player I've used to test out this earbud is my Sony NWZ-A728 player. I've used the EQ of 0, -1, 2, 1, -1 with clear bass set to +3.

I've listened to various trance songs, and so far the result is very positive.

The low ends of the earphone is extremely strong, beating my Sennheiser CX300's by a bit. It is not the boomy bass you would expect from Sony MDR EX-71's, but rather a tight, punchy bass with a lot of impact.

In the bass area, this earphone really lives up to it's name.

The mid end of the sound is rather weak. However, boosting up the mid frequency in the EQ helped a quite a bit. However this artificial improvement doesn't really bring up the lack of resonance.

The treble range is somewhat awkward. I myself always lower the high frequencies because I cannot stand sharp sounding music. However, at the default EQ, the treble is somewhat tinny.

In conclusion, this new little guy packs some punch in the bass area, but offers average performance in other areas. However, the bass is not overpowering, and still has some clarity in the sound stage.
The best way I can describe this earphone is like a JVC FX-33 equipped with a bass strength of a Sennheiser CX-300.

Bass earphone is not another other high-end um2's or super.fi's. It's marketed to those who wants to replace the stock iPod headphones, for a significant improvement in bass.

I think this earphone is quite superb for the price of $35 USD.
It looks nice, performs nice, and packs a nice punch in the bass area.

If you are a basshead with a tight budget, I can certainly recommend this one. At the moment, you can purchase them straight from the manufacturer's website, Bass Earphone | Earbuds

Any comments will be kindly appreciated!

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