Mini-Mini cable w/ Mogami Neglex W2534?

  1. Juaquin

    Originally Posted by Lil' Knight /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    You can flexibly drill the entry hole to make it bigger.

    A good point; just make sure to sand the hole so the rough edge doesn't cut the cable.
  2. Pilotdog68
    I know this is a dead thread, but its one for the first google results for these cables so I thought I would share my experience.

    For me the small/normal Neutrik was slightly too small for the w2893. The cable does fit inside the hole, but when sliding the sleeve up the cable before soldering the connector, it scuffs up the jacket leaving a rough surface. I had to use an extra long length of heatshrink to cover it up. It seems the Neutrik has a sharper edge on the inside, even though the outer edge is beveled.

    On future cables, I will use the larger Neutriks even when using w2893.

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