Mini-Mini cable w/ Mogami Neglex W2534?

  1. 4sound
    I'm building my own cable and have a question about the bare copper shield that wraps the 4 internal wires.

    - I'm using the clear wires for my left and right.
    - Blue for ground

    My question is should I also twine the copper shield to the ground as well? I do this for instrument cables but haven't made these before.

  2. Pars Contributor
    If you want the cable shielded, then yes, at least one end of the shield needs to be tied to ground. If only one end, that end is normally the source component.
  3. 4sound
    makes perfect sense.
    thanks much.
  4. Juaquin
    I would suggest trying the W2893 - it's the Mini Quad. It's much easier to work with and use (not as heavy, more flexible), and it fits into various connector better. The W2534 works great, but I've found I prefer working with the Mini stuff. But it's just a suggestion; do whatever works best for your application.
  5. chiefroastbeef
    I just ordered some 2534 as well. So what you guys are saying is solder both the blue and the copper wire to the ground tab?

    One more thing, can the 2534 fit in a neutrik 3.5mm? Or do I need to use a Canare 3.5mm? I haven't been able to find Switchcraft here in Hong Kong.

    Thanks! Excited to build my first interconnect!
  6. Juaquin
    The 2534 only fits into the opening of the large neutrik's (denoted by an L at the end of the model, I think NYS321L or something). The 2893 fits perfectly into the regular sized ones.
  7. chiefroastbeef
    Thanks for the input, so canare F12 it is!
  8. 4sound
    has anyone had any experience with sound differences between the 2893 and 2534?
  9. apatN Contributor
  10. chiefroastbeef
    Thanks guys!

    This is a bit poopy, because I already bought the 2534, and I'm not sure if the canare plugs can fit along side my output on the mini3 I soon will be building. I shall see. Should I sleeve the cable? Is it just for looks?
  11. Juaquin
    You can always buy some large neutrik connectors, or swap the 2534 with the 2893. Both the Neutriks and the cable are fairly cheap so it shouldn't hurt too much.

    As far as sound quality difference, they're essentially the same cable, only the 2893 is made of smaller gauge internal conductors. I haven't heard any differences in my ICs.
  12. 4sound
    do you happen to know if the 2534 fits into the Switchcraft connectors?
  13. Lil' Knight

    Originally Posted by 4sound /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    do you happen to know if the 2534 fits into the Switchcraft connectors?

    The 2534 will fit both the Switchcraft and Canare F12. It even fit with a nylon multifilament sleeve.
    The Neutrik only fits 2893.
  14. Juaquin
    The small Neutrik only fits the 2893. You can also get the large opening Neutrik (same physical size, just a larger hole at the end) for the same price, and it will fit the 2534. There are all kinds of combinations available; try a few and see what you think is the best.

    Unfortunately, Neutrik only makes their Black w/Gold tip connectors in the small (regular) opening, so I've stuck with using the 2893, since it's more flexible and still large enough for any application.

    Also, none of the Neutriks will fit a sleeve through the opening, unless you use the small 2893 cable with the large opening Neutrik, in which case you'll have to shrink it because there will be a small gap.
  15. Lil' Knight
    You can flexibly drill the entry hole to make it bigger.

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