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Mini meet Phoenix

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  1. koover
    Hey guys,

    I’m looking at setting up a mini meet at my house located in Surprise. There’s no date set yet as I’d like to see where this goes.

    So far I’ve received 3 “I’m in or interested” responses so it looks like I’m going to do this.

    If I can get a few more responses, then I’ll reach out to everyone and as a group, set a date.

    I’ll supply and BBQ burgers and dogs. If you guys could bring some beverages such as hops, soda, water, etc. (I have all the spirits imaginable to man, so that’s covered) for yourself and to share, it should be a good time.

    PM me if interested and we'll get this going

    Obviously I’ll have all my gear there so check out my profile to see what you can test drive.

  2. koover
    As a side note, the mini meet won’t be for a month or 2 or 3. Don’t want it too close to the meet we just had. Something in between.
  3. koover

    I believe I've received 6 PM's so we're getting close. Actually I think we're good (7 of us all together at this point) but I'll wait just a bit more to see if anyone else would like to attend. Say a week or 2? After that, as a group, we can figure out a day and date and all the other stuff. Cool?

  4. koover
    Ok got a few more replies. Looks like this is going to be a go. Not sure on the timeline yet as the meet just happened so I believe in about a month or so? If you responded via a PM, let's start replying in this thread now. There's definitely enough interest where we can get this thread going. Very cool!

    My only issue is the only day on the weekend I could do would be on a Sunday as I work. I also know a few of you are not from the immediate Phoenix area and have somewhat of a drive from here in the state. If Sunday is a hard no, I'll figure it out to get a Saturday available.

    Let's start throwing some dates out there please and we'll go from there. I have enough room for about 10 people including me of course.

  5. bunbut
    I can make it Sunday. I am out of town on June 23. May, June or July will work for me

    Thank you,
  6. BzzzzzT
    I'm totally flexible.
  7. drew911d
    I'll be out of town off and on for work, I hope this falls on a weekend I'm here. My schedule is yet to be determined.
  8. koover
    Pretty good timing as I was going to post in the next few days to see if everyone is still interested and ready to go.
    Let’s repost if you’re interested and I’ll set a date.

    Drew, send me a pm when you’re available on a Sunday if you have that info. It’ll be a smaller group so I’m sure we can work around “everyone’s” schedule

  9. Toshu
    I am still interested and flexible. Live in Anthem.
  10. funch
    I'll be gone late May/early to mid June, otherwise interested and available.
  11. BzzzzzT
    I would be down. I'm totally flexible.
  12. Toshu
    Anything new to report in terms of a tentative date?
  13. koover
    Sorry guys for the delay in response.
    Some health issues along with work work work.

    I’m tentatively scheduled for vacation between July 20-28.

    Is there interest in either Saturday July 27th or Sunday the 28th?
  14. Toshu
    Hope that your health issues are behind you.
    Right now either dates will work for me.
  15. bunbut
    Hope you feel better man. Either day will work for me.

    Thank you
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