Mini Dac TDA1543 X 4 NOS

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by sp wild, Sep 14, 2010.
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  1. jwr3
    I'll measure a 12 volt 1 amp and publish the results next.
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  2. jwr3
  3. jwr3
    Here is my solution to adding large coupling caps to Muse and other small circuit board DACs. Cut or have a friend cut channels in wood to slide in the circuit board and use different stop ideas to hold it all together. Maybe a glue gun to hold large caps in place. My first attempt several years ago. a single 1543 chip in this "steampunk" build.
  4. jwr3
    I've had this Muse DAC for years. 8 or 9 maybe. It used the CS8412 instead of the DIR9001.The AMS1117 was 5 volts. Not 3.3 like the DIR9001 needs. So the proper value for the CS8412? Whu they may have installed the 1117 5 volt by mistake in later DACs. M TDA1543 x 4.JPG solder 317.JPG aybe one reason why a 12 volt wall wart never ate this older DAC.
  5. jwr3
    You can see on the blue circuit board that they used to solder the LM317 to the board. Later DACs dont don't do that and may be one reason for the overheating.
  6. mcgo
    Received my TDA1543x4 yesterday. I paid about $46 on amzn with free shipping from China. Took just under two weeks to arrive in the US. After verifying that it was working with the included 12V DC adapter, I looked around the house and found a 9V DC 300ma. Switched over power supplies and ran it for 3 hours with no issues. Was cool to the touch when I switched off. I'll likely replace the scrounged ps with a dedicated Jameco 9V 500ma linear since 9V is definitely the way to go. When I had it on the 12V it started to heat up right away.

    I opened it up to check out the insides. I was glad to see the AMS1117 was correct - 3.3V for the DIR9001. And my LM317 is soldered to the board. I had a couple of vga ram heatsinks in the drawer so I stuck them on the existing heatsink for giggles.

    Suffice to say these DACs are still available and an incredible value for the money. My "better spec'd" Sabre 9018 dac is in the trash can, where it belongs.




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  7. Jimster480
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    Answered my own question by going back a page LOL
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  8. jwr3
  9. jwr3
    Hi mcgo, there are a lot of voltage variables between unregulated linear wall warts. A lot. I'm using an old Panasonic 9 volt 500ma one now. To get the true voltage the LM317 sees, you need to put a multimeter on the right most of the 3 leads on the LM317 for positive and the neg lead on the RCA output. Don't let the positive lead slip between 2 leads of the 317! It might short out. This Panasonic 9 volt 500ma measures around 10.5 volts on the LM317 input lead. Pretty much perfect IMO. The 1543 and the LM317 stay cool. I leave it on all the time. To feed your paranoia if you're a perfectionist that voltage will vary SOME as the 115 to 127 volts at your wall changes during the day and night. As mine does. But don't worry about that! When a linear wall wart "sees" the load on a 1543 DAC. Be it a single or x 4 DAC. The DAC voltage load changes to what it needs. Most important IMO is avoid 12 volt wall warts for the sake of the LM317 voltage regulater. Case in point. I have a 7.5 volt 1.2 amp WW and a 9 volt 500ma wall wart. Under my Muse 1543x4 DAC load both WW read around 9.5 volts!. Voltage goes up, current drops and visa versa under load. Both these measure around 10.5 volts under no load. I've accumulated maybe 20 WW. Half are 12 volts. But the 9 volts and 7.5 volt with varius current outputs, I fine tune on my 5 or six single and x4 1543 DAC toys. I've replaced many a cap and resistor on all these. Quite a task with those small holes but fun and I had to try better parts. Did sound improve? I think so but I've been soldering and electronic tinkering for over 55 years. Not recommending messing with something that already sounds great. Cheers jim
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  10. mcgo
    The permanent linear power supply I selected for the Muse TDA1543x4 is working splendidly. I hear no noise from the DAC with my headphone amp cranked up to max, which is the way I like it.

    My week with the Muse has been very positive. It sounds "right" with all my test tracks. Good timbre and a lively sound.

    Jameco Reliapro DCU090060Z6652 AC to DC Wall Adapter Transformer Single Output 9V 0.6 Amp 5.4W
    5.5mm x 2.5mm center positive plug

    Jameco Linear 9VDC 600mA 100175.png

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  11. mcgo
    After re-reading this thread a few times I took the plunge and replaced the output capacitors. I used two WIMA MKS2 10uF 50v and as you can see from the picture they fit great!

    Closed up the case, fired her up and glorious sound was heard. Happy!


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  12. DjBobby
    What are the main improvements in sound quality?
  13. mcgo
    I think you'd need two units to properly answer that question. However, I had a 3-hour uninterrupted listening session last night with the new output caps and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I listened to some Cliff Martinez and BoC. I feel I'm closer to true multibit perfection without breaking the bank on a Gumby or Yggy. Ergo more money to spend on my pending balanced amp upgrade!
  14. jwr3
    Below ( I hope)are pics of my five TDA1543 DACs. the two stacked on the left were made by years ago. Blue face and wood face. The blue light is over exposed, in reality it gives a great blue hue. These are TDA1543 X 1 DACs. Blue hue has 10uf Aerovox polypropylene output caps. Wood face has 12uf ClarityCaps. The three sitting on my black handmade tube preamp were made by Muse. I'll call them Muse 1, 2 and 3, left to right. 1 and 3 are TDA1543 X 4. Muse 2 is a TDA1543 X 1. Muse 1 has Mundorf RXF in oil, 5uf output caps. Muse 2 and 3 have 12uf ClarityCaps. All have TI DIR9001 audio digital receivers except Muse 2 which has an older CS8412-CS. All have many or all upgraded electrolytic caps. Two were broken for years and in my workbench bins. One required a new LM317. And I upgraded the input diode also. Forget what fixed the other. Previous post talk about keeping the input voltage under 10 or so volts. I used various resistors after the TDA1543s. Riken, Non-magnet Holco and PRP resistors. They all sound grand. Do I prefer TDA 1543 X 4 over just one per channel? Not really. But the They all give a great midrange. I think the Muse 2 does sound better running through my Monarchy DIP processor. Hard to match the DIR9001. Non of these are for sale, sorry. I have two stereo systems, 3 preamps I've built (out or many) and two sets of rebuilt Heath W3M amps. Rebuilt onto W3M chassis with wood surrounds for a more modern look. Matched chokes and new Hammond power transformers. The old Heath power trannies go bad too often. Lost 3 before I gave up. I like to swap things out from time to time. no music down time!
  15. jwr3
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