Mini Dac TDA1543 X 4 NOS

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by sp wild, Sep 14, 2010.
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  1. DjBobby

    Thanks a lot romanrex for the quick response, as well for very informative measurements. Enjoyed surfing your site.
    Just to be sure: that means that also the impulses of FiiO X1 and HM603 are not phase inverted?
  2. romanrex
    Checked polarity with a multimeter now, phase in not inverted at the muse audio. Phase inverted at the ASUS STU. Conclusion for FiiO X1 and HM603 - phase not inverted.
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  3. mib91
    Any insight on this?
  4. DjBobby

    This one is USB powered and has only usb input. Muse Dac comes with 12V power supply and has optical and coaxial inputs, no usb. Two different things. 
  5. mib91

    Absolutely. I'm, however, more interested to see if they're identical in any way, you know, sound trait wise. More I/O on Muse DAC won't pulling my leg if I can get the same performance out of this for nearly the half price of Muse DAC specially since I'll likely prefer it to use it through USB.
    Of course, with that 12V power supply, Muse should have more juice to power demanding phones.
  6. rtaylor76

    The output is dictated directly by the TDA1543 chips, not the power supply. The Muse had a regulator to get the 5V rails it needed for the 1543 chips and the input chip as well as the simple relay chip for the optical input. You can run the Muse as low as 9V and on up to 15V.

    I suppose they are generating the 5V off the USB. I do see one crystal on the board, so at least they might be doing some clock generation, but that does not mean a-sync.. I suppose they are using a combo USB audio input chip to to generate the I2S to the 1543 chips. With all that said, it is not likey to sound as good as the Muse given the USB power and input given the source. Certainly could improve with a USB decrapifier device (Regen, Wyrd, etc.), esp ones that will re-clock and provide a clean 5V to the DAC, but that of course raises the price of the unit. Without optical input or a power supply to include, they can reduce the price.
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  7. Jimster480
    How do these stack up to similarly priced DS products?

  8. DjBobby

    Beats them easily, even double the price.
  9. thuNDa
    Tonally maybe yes, but detail rendering and air gets a pretty severe hit.
    After trying this DAC, it only made me want this DAC but with a higher "resolution".
  10. Jimster480

    After doing research for the past day on all these NOS DAC's (especially in the budget prices) I find that many experienced listener's came to the same conclusion as what you just posted.

    I don't want to give up detail and as such I will skip on all of these TDA1543 based DAC's.
  11. mib91

    Noob alert.
  12. Jimster480

    Delta-Sigma based DAC's.

    But I've already gotten my answer.
  13. DjBobby

    Agree with you about the air and resolution.
    The question was about "similarly priced DS products". It goes at the moment on Aliexpress for $44 incl. shipping. For this price haven't heard much air and resolution elsewhere. 
  14. jwr3
    Have been a member for a little over a month. Really enjoyed this thread. I hope to share info that will help on this discussion. First about wall warts. Thanks for the info about 10 volts. I probably lost one because of the 317 heat failure. I took measurements on several different value wallwarts plugged into one of my Muse DACs. Listed below are the results.
    9 volt 1 amp... The 317 regulater sees 11.24 volts in and 7.59 volts out
    9 volt 500ma... The 317 regulator sees 9.68 volts in and 7.58 volts out
    7.5 volt 1.2amps ... The regulator sees 9.74 volts in and 7.58 volts out
    So voltage matters but so does the amperage rating on linear wallwarts. You can taylor your voltage input that way. But switching/regulated power supplies are different of course..I've come up with a couple of interesting cosmetic solutions to making these little guys look OK with huge polyprop caps added on. Hope to have pics soon. My most used and abused 1543x4 is an old one using a CS8412 instead of a DIR9001. I also have thoughts and maybe pics of the 1117 3.3 or 5 volt discussion. More later. Cheers jim...
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  15. jwr3
    Learning to post. Sorry.
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