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Mini 75 ohm adapter

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by donaldekelly, Apr 10, 2005.
  1. donaldekelly Contributor
    I saw one site that sells a small 75ohm adaptor to make the Ety 4P into (close to a) 4S without the $45-60 cable. Cost was about $25 I think.


    "Mini 75 ohm adapter black (make some headphones sound better; when used with ER-4P, make it equal to ER-4S) $24.99"


    Any thoughts?

    I know the guy who makes these posts here some. Anyone else use these?
  2. kramer5150
    I amp them with my KSC75 and it makes them sound like a full sized can... with an amp only of course.

    heres a pic....of my DIYs...

    IMHO their biggest improvement is they can increase the impedence seen by the amp. many amps are very noisy and have poor SN ratio with low impedence cans.

  3. donaldekelly Contributor
    Thanks Kramer

    So there is no reason to go with Etymotics cable - unless you want the extra length?

    And, BUMP
  4. donaldekelly Contributor

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