Mini^3 Cost?
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Dec 30, 2007
I know professionally made ones go for about $125 but about how much do they cost to build one? I'm thinking about getting a $10 dollar board from the Mini^3 website and getting the rest of the parts elsewhere.
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Well if you want a parts kit with everything that is needed you can check glass jar audio as they have complete kits. They run about 88 for a full kit.(If you want the AMB pre machined panels those are extra.)

I cannot comment myself if it is comparable to buying the components sperately price wise but, you could get the order sheet from him and price out what it would be to buy the components elsewere.
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An acquaintance of mine estimated all of the parts totaling around $60. Might want to wait for someone else to confirm that though.

X2. If you drill panels yourself then about $60. I built five of them.

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