Milwaukee WI - any interest?
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Aug 5, 2006
Hello All. I have been threatening to try and arrange something local for quite some time, somehow it seemed easier to pull together in Portland but there are a number of folk in the city and more in the area that I feel would be interested in gathering. 
If the time is right and folk are interested , this could be a gathering of some high end gear too. 
Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire 
Cavalli Audio Liquid Lightning
Woo WA22
plus quite a few more treats
As for headphones 
LCD3 and LCD2
and many more fine samples of modern and bygone times
I thought I would put this out there to see if there was enough interest to try and get some sort of spring / early summer date and then think about the specifics such as venue etc. 
respond to this thread if interested 
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Not to trash your idea but there are already two WI meet threads...
Yeah they are different cities but they are only an hour apart.   I'd be more inclined to meet in Madison as it is closer to me.

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The only reason I started a Milwaukee thread is that the Madison interest has been pretty slow and if I was going to arrange a gathering , I would do it in my backyard :) . I am shipping the Liquid Lightning to NorCal today but it will be coming back this way. Actually listening to it at work and would love to be able to share this experience with others too ..dB
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I am sure hifiman would be interested in sending a sample if we had a reasonable group to represent. I don't mind pulling together something larger with industry representation if the numbers justify it. If it is just a handful of folk we can keep it more informal and personable..dB

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