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Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

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  1. DrivenKeys
    I actually had the same thought when I first looked. I forgot to ask, figured it was just the photo.
  2. onesojourner
    Can someone confirm that I do have the fets wired correctly?
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  3. bdbell
    Thanks for the quick reply tomb - I connected the other 680uf cap to the DC jack and that also reduced the hum/noise - tried connecting the 220uf caps also but that increased the noise. So I disconnected the 220uf and reconnected them to the PCB ground plane and then put everything back into the enclosure - and all the hum/noise went away! So, at least for my setup connecting the 2 680uf caps to the DC jack was necessary to eliminate all the noise. BTW - my case does not have any anodizing on the front/back plates.

    One last question - I am currently using Elna 470uf RE3 caps and Wima 0.22/100v caps for C3/5 - the wima 0.22 caps are quite a bit smaller than the 250v ones - will it make much difference if I switch to Elna 470uf RFS and the 250v Wima caps?
  4. tomb
    No, it won't make much difference - most likely. The voltage is not important in this case. 48V is as much as the entire circuit will see (with the Cisco power supply) and 100V capacitor ratings are plenty more than that. What's really important, audio-quality wise, is the actual type of Wima film caps. The MKP10 and perhaps the FKP4, are the best. Metalized polypropylene is superior to polyester. Wima makes both kinds and many in-between.
  5. moosefet
    I posted a 12SR7 build I did of this in here a couple years ago (this post) and I just built another one for a friend who wanted one. This time I etched the front with control labels. The silly lizard poking his tongue out is a bit of an inside joke and he's also a big tumbleweed fan who have a song called silver lizard. Here's the process:

    etchant mask




    filled, sanded, clear coat


    some hardware


    wired up and finished

  6. DrivenKeys
    This is one of my favorites so far. Very nice and clean.
473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482

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