Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

  1. vapman
    All those jacks and the power switch/AC plug are incredible. What are those? I've never seen them.
  2. fuens
    Hello Vapman.
    The AC switch and socket is : Panel Mount Fuse Holder IEC320 C14 Inlet Red Lamp SPST
    The audio sockets are: Neutrik NJ3FP6C-BAG 1/4" 6.35mm Jack Chassis Panel Mount, Neutrik NF2D-B-9 Phono RCA Chassis/Panel Female Socket RD and Neutrik NF2D-B-9 Phono RCA Chassis/Panel Female Socket WH.
    Have a nice project!
    Cheers mate
  3. GingerBeard
    the_equalizer - 

    Thanks for all your input on this - without you I wouldn't have been able to get as far as I have with this build.
    I'm trying to wrap my head around this - Can you take a look at this rough schematic I did and let me know if that is right?
    I take it the pot replaces R5?  (I the wrong label in the pic)
    Thanks, Man...
    Answered my own question.  That seemed to work.  I'm on my third build now - for funsies - and integrated the CSS into it. Now I'm working on plate voltages...
  4. snafu1
    Sorry, a noob question.
    I just discovered the Starving Student Amp. While I would like to construct it based on the information on the original post, I have a feeling there are now numerous changes. The almost 500 posts on this thread is pretty intimidating. 
    I suspect there's a better version somewhere here.... Can anyone point me to a post(s) that might help me out here?
  5. Nathan P
    Beautiful! Details?
  6. Nathan P
    Here's a summary I wrote up on another forum:
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  7. snafu1
    Excellent! Thank you.
  8. the_equalizer

    My apologies GingerBeard. "Real" life took over since late 2014 and I don't come around here too often know. I hope you're enjoying your amp. I'd very much like to know what do you think about the amp with the CSS plate loads and which transistors you chose to implement them.
  9. GideonW
    I assume that you used the TL783? what kind of transformer did you use?
    I'm looking into building one with a transformer myself because I don't trust those 48 volt powersupplies off ebay
  10. fuens
    Hello mate.
    You are right, I'm using a tl783 voltage regulator (see this item )
    About the transformer I'm using RS part no. 223-8049 (it's too big but it's what I found)
    I will use a little one in my next project RS 223-7995  223-7939  223-7850
    I recommend to you use an external and bigger bridge diodes, because when capacitors charge those burn the little bridge diodes. And replace the heatsink for one more bigger.
    Also I have a psu (still need to try) RS 466-6890
    Have a nice project.
  11. GideonW
    So you are feeding the TL731 with 70 volts, wouldn't things cool down quite a lot if you tried to get closer to your 48 volt output voltage? now you are turning 22 volts @ whatever current you are using into heat. A transformer with 2*18 or 2*20 volt would seem more sensible to me if you can find it, but correct me if I'm wrong.
    anyhow, thanks for the info I think that I am going to try to replicate your build albeit with a slightly lower voltage transformer :) 
    i think that I found a nice transformer:
    50VA 2*19 volt
    gives you 53.6 volt after rectification (minus some diode losses) and you only have a 5.6 volt difference between input and output voltage which limits the heat a lot
  12. fuens
    Hello again :)
    I tried with an 2x18v 80va, but the maximum dc voltage was around 40v. I don't know why (the theory and the practical was not the same)
    Waiting news about your lineal psu.
    Best regards
  13. GideonW
    I'll have a try after I finish my LM3886 amplifier.
    the well known endless list of projects needs to be shortened first
  14. everkeen
    Hey all, I've built this amp using Fred's PCB. It's working except for something is wrong with the left and right channels. Right channel is okay and is outputting just that channel.  The left however, while louder when playing left side sound, is also playing the right side sound. I have gone over everything so many times, everything seems to be in place. Any ideas what would cause this issue?
  15. GingerBeard
    Check your Heater Voltage (Pin 4) and your Plate Voltage (Pin 6) on both tubes.  What are they for each tube?

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