Military Roll Call.
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Bumping an old post. Was actually searching for info on how to DIY THIS . Headset Portable Music Adapter ...MILITARY.

US Coast Guard, 2002 to present. Crew on HC130H's as a loadmaster, dropmaster and senso. Also maintain em...mech side. Been stationed in Kodiak Alaska on a boat, before I got transferred to the aviaiton side there, then I went to Florida and logged many many many many hours flying around the Florida straits and Central America wishing there was a better way to listen to music over our intercom line. Now I am at Barbers Point in Hawaii.
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Nice duty. Every day to wake up and smell the Hawaiian earth and the salt air. Field ripened pineapple, Northshore, nice golf courses. Enjoy bra.
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As a former member of the oldest American service branch from 69' to 71' as an anti-tank assaultman or 0351 which translates to grunt when in country. 1st time I heard of that ARMY translation. Outstanding!! Okinawa was an interesting stop over before the fun began. Interesting to learn about our main mode of transportation aside from our feet the CH-46 and CH-53.
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U.S. Navy -- Detroit, Michigan (Selfridge) Served as a jet mechanic/aircrew/training clerk from 89-93 then at North Island in San Diego for another 2 years as a reservist.
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US Army and Army Reserve. Retired in 1993.
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USMC 1972-1975 Interesting times. End of Vietnam war,Watergate and the resignation of Nixon. Stationed HQMC and served last nine months in the Old Executive Office Bld in the White House as the NCO in charge of getting 20,000 records of trial for all the draft dodgers and keeping the FBI out of my file room. Great duty and I was in DC my whole 3yr tour watching history being made.
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USMC 1974-1977  Field radio operator.  I was a Hollywood Marine (went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego and spent rest of enlistment at Camp Pendleton) Only time I left USA was to got to TJ.  Spent many a weekend in San Diego.  This was when the harbour area was mostly strip joints, topless bars, mssage parlors, adult theaters, bookstores, and sex shops. Being a twenty year old from Arkansas, I had never seen anything like it in my life.  I here it has been pretty well cleaned up for decades.
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USMC 2003-2009.  1812 M1A1 Crewman.  Loader, Gunner, Driver, Commander.  O.I.F 2008 Al Anbar Province.  Semper fidelis!  
Anyone still remember MEPS?  
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USAF 1976 - 1996.  Computer Systems SA/DBA.  Assignments in order:  Plattsburgh AFB, NY - Incirlik AB, Turkey - San Vito Dei Normanni AS, Italy -  Langley AFB, VA - Kunsan AB and Osan AB Korea and Hurlbert Field, FL.  Had a blast at every assignment and worked with some great people.
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USAF 1988-present.  Prior enlisted captain - 6 years in finance, 6 years as a computer programmer, been a communications officer working security/network ops since 2001.  Teaching computer security now.

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